Solutions for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Issues after Lollipop Update [Part 1]

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After some deliberations, we decided to dedicate a special thread for Note 3 post-Lollipop issues as more and more readers tell us their problems. This post covers some of these issues so if you don’t find your own published here, we will do so in the upcoming posts.

In the meantime, here are the solutions for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 issues after Lollipop update. We hope they can help the Note 3 owners mentioned here as well as those with the same problem.

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Problem #1: Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 3 keeps showing pop-up to cancel Wi-Fi when mobile data is on

Hi there. My issue is this and I can’t find a solution. Phone software is: Android 5.0. Carrier is Verizon. I believe this just started happening with Lollipop.

On the rare instances I turn on the phone’s hotspot, every 30 seconds I get a pop-up which tells me that the Wi-Fi and the hotspot cannot be active at the same time. It lists two options: OK, to turn off the Wi-Fi, or Cancel, to leave the hotspot active and close the popup. I’ve even tried turning off the Wi-Fi manually in advance. Unless I hit the other option, ‘cancel’ on the pop-up, it will turn off the hotspot.

The result of this is that I’ll get this popup every 30 seconds and if I don’t continually tell it to cancel, it will turn off the hotspot. Additionally, the popup will not bring the screen back on, so if the screen is off, you can’t see the popup and it’ll just shut the hotspot down.

What the hell good is this? I don’t want to have to hit the cancel selection every 30 seconds.

Thanks. — Randy

Solution: Hi Randy. This is probably a Verizon-specific glitch because we have not encountered a similar trouble from other users. If this problem started after updating to Lollipop, clear the phone’s cache partition and observe the phone again. Should the problem return, try using smart network switch and see if that will make any difference. To enable smart network switch, go to Settings>Wi-Fi>Menu>Advanced .

Problem #2: Location of downloaded OTA Android update in Galaxy Note 3

Hi. I tried to find my question on your site but didn´t. My Note 3 has downloaded new firmware Lollipop and wants me to update, but I don´t want to do that.

How can find this download and delete it? And get rids of this notification. There are only 2 options under notification: Install Or Later. 

I don´t want even to try the new software. Model number: SM-N9005 , Android version: 4.4.2. — Hossein

Solution: Hi Hossein. The downloaded Android update is stored in the phone’s cache. Deleting your phone’s cache partition should delete the downloaded update.

Problem #3: Note 3 stuck in boot loop after trying to update to Lollipop

I was trying to update my unlocked N9005 Note 3 to Lollipop following the guidance at In the process of reading and doing the procedure something broke: at what point I have no clue. The result is my phone is now stuck in a two-line boot loop: the first line is blue and reports “Booting into recovery”, the second line is yellow and reports “Set Warranty Bit: recovery”. 

I have tried at least three different (internet discovered) recovery techniques none of which has recovered the boot-loop. 

Any assistance provided is much appreciated.  And, I am willing to send the unit out for repair if need be.  Thanks. — James

Solution: Hi James. There’s always a risk of bricking a device when trying to use custom ROM or use untested update procedures. Unfortunately, once the phone has been bricked, it’s almost impossible to tell what has gone wrong, complicating a user’s quest for solutions.

The only thing that we can suggest that you do here are the following:

  • Booting the phone in download mode by pressing Volume Down, Home, and Power key until the phone vibrates. Once you feel the vibration, release the power button but continue to hold the two keys until the download mode screen appears. Once download mode shows up, you should have an option boot normally again.
  • Turning off the phone, removing the battery, and trying to power the device back on. Almost always work in most devices so it’s worth trying.

Problem #4: Galaxy Note 3 won’t connect to any Wi-Fi network after Lollipop update

Hi there! I just saw on your webpage that you were offering to fix issues on Samsung Note 3 phones:

After the update, my phone no longer connects to any Wi-Fi networks. It simply just keeps “scanning” when I go to settings in order to select the network I wish to connect to. I tried doing the factory reset and that did not work.

When I selected to restore and it took me to select Wi-Fi in order to download your restored information it simply kept scanning 🙁 i lost everything.

I’ve used 3GB in 3 days. This update is literally costing me sooo much money hahaha.

Thanks for your help. Kind Regards. — Georgia

Solution: Hi Georgia. Try switching the auto network switch on or off to see if that will make any difference. You can go to go to Settings>Wi-Fi>Menu>Advanced to do this. You can also try to disable apps that uses Wi-Fi radio like the Wi-Fi Direct and Wi-Fi Direct Share under Settings>Applications manager on the All tab.

Problem #5: S Voice problem on Galaxy Note 3 after Lollipop update

Hello. I’m wondering if you could help with something regarding S Voice.  This is on a Sprint Note 3.  I came across your forum while searching for a solution.

I have S Voice set to launch when hitting the home button twice. I also have it set so when I say “Hi Galaxy” it will open-even if the phone is on standby (screen off).  All the settings are set to do this.  Everything worked fine prior to the Lollipop update a couple months ago.  Now, the wake-up “Hi Galaxy” command won’t open it up anymore. The home button still does though. Any ideas?

I wonder if there is a bug of some sort?  Have you heard of this issue before?

I really like the S Voice but it cuts it’s use down without having the wake-up feature working.  One strange thing I might mention is that the phone has woken up with S Voice when I’ve been talking (phone just sitting on stand by on a table). So it’s almost like it’s recognizing some other command of some sort. But I see no option to choose or record a wake-up command. So I’m not sure what that is all about. I’m on alert now so I’ll pay attention to what words come out of my mouth if it ever wakes up again.

Thanks for any help! — Ken

Solution: Hi Ken. Try to clear the cache partition of your Note 3 then re-configure S Voice again. Lollipop update has been known to cause all sorts of troubles for different devices so there’s no telling whether or not the S Voice app has been affected. The app appears to have retained almost all its previous functions though. It can still be woken up if the lockscreen is off or via voice command. However, you can no longer wake it up from other apps.

S Voice is a first party app and has full support from Samsung so it’s expected to fully work with Lollipop. Try to do a factory reset if nothing changes after clearing the cache partition.

Problem #6: Clock app on Note 3 stops working after Lollipop update

Hi. I am so glad i found your site. So here’s my problem:

After Lollipop update my phone crashed. I couldn’t use any of my apps, not even messages and camera. So i went to a service center and had it “fixed”. They erased everything (i saved all my files in a flashdrive). It worked for a couple of weeks though. Now I’m noticing the same crashing but only in one app. I couldn’t set an alarm on my phone because it keeps saying “Clock has stopped”. I don’t know what to do. I tried clearing the cache but still nothing. I’m afraid i might have to get it fixed again soon if i don’t figure out what to do. Help! — Bernadine

Solution: Hi Bernardine. If clearing the clock’s cache did not help, try booting the phone in safe mode. If the clock app works fine under safe mode, that means a third party app may be causing the problem. That’s your cue to start weeding out other third party apps.

Alternatively, you can also use other third party clock apps instead of having the phone fixed and spending for it.

Problem #7: Auto recommendations stop working on Lollipop updated Galaxy Note 3

Hi. My name is Brandon and I am facing a certain issue with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which I hope you could assist to solve the problem. Since the update to the Android Lollipop series, my phone’s ringtone auto recommendation function has ceased to work. Despite selecting the auto recommendation function repeatedly, the ringtone will still revert back to the beginning of the song whenever a call comes in. I hope you can asisst to provide a solution. Thank you very much for your kind assistance. Regards. — Brandon

Solution: Hi Brandon. Auto recommendations is a core function so if it stops working right after a major Android overhaul, you can only do two things: clear the cache partition or restore the phone to its defaults via factory reset.

Problem #8: Clock app on Lollipop updated Galaxy Note 3  fails repeatedly even after a factory reset

Hi there. I’m from Malaysia and using a GALAXY Note 3 LTE (SM-N9005) running Android 5.0 Lollipop (XTC – Philippines BOF1, which should be XME – Malaysia BOF1).

Anyway, the Factory Reset DOES NOT solve the problem! I repeat, the Factory Reset DOES NOT solve the problem as it is ONLY a temporary solution which eventually the issue will rise again within few days or less than 48 hours.

I have flashed the BOF1 firmware twice to make sure that the issue was a glitch but after thoroughly thinking back, I never had this issue when running Android 5.0 Lollipop (XEO – Poland BOB6) on my Note 3 before flashing it to Asian Region.

I suspected that the Clock app built-in to the firmware is at fault and resetting the device DOES NOT solve the issue permanently. Samsung should come up with a fix to solve this issue and installing a Google Clock app as a workaround IS NOT an option!

Regards. — Nazrae

Solution: Hi Nazrae. If the clock app works fine for some time after a factory reset, there must something that triggers it other than a possible firmware glitch. Try running the phone in safe mode for maybe a day to see if that makes any difference. We can’t see other reasons for this app to fail repeatedly unless you install the same set of apps after a factory reset and one of them is to blame.



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  1. I have a problem in Note 3 SM-n9005 after i updrage lollipop wifi and bluetooth not working,so i decided to downgrade to 4.4.2 but still the same when i go to shop thry said need to change the board that cause Expensive,any solution?

  2. After the update in battery usage wifi shows as running but wifi is off also inside the advanced setting i have untick the allow scanning and set as never.

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