Shipments of the Pebble Time Steel to be completed by the end of August

Pebble Time Steel

The Pebble Time Steel was announced shortly after Pebble Time was announced, with the makers even giving users a choice to switch to the steel variant for a nominal cost. However, it seems like early backers might have to wait slightly longer to get the Pebble Time Steel on their wrists as the smartwatch seems to be facing some production delays.

Pebble is now claiming that all shipments of the Pebble Time Steel should be completed by the end of August, which is another month away. The company claims that units have already been dispatched from China’s manufacturing units to distribution centers at the United States, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada and Ireland. If you’re lucky enough, the status update on your smartwatch should be hitting your inbox by next week and shipping could commence shortly after.

In any case, the end of August is the maximum time that the company might take, which essentially means that the wearable might arrive much sooner. Here’s what Pebble had to say on its updates page:

  • All Pebble Time Steel backers will receive a leather band and matching metal band with their watches. The only change is the timing of the metal band delivery, due to some supply issues.
  • Pebble is covering the shipping costs related to the revised delivery plan.
  • “If metal band availability improves, we will take metal Time Steel bands and include them with reward watches in one shipment as originally planned, whenever possible.”

Source: Kickstarter

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