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Samsung’s S-Pen stylus from the Galaxy Note 5 revealed to be packing a new button mechanism

Galaxy Note 5 - S Pen

Samsung is expected to reveal the Galaxy Note 5 by mid-August, if leaks are accurate. And it’s customary to hear something about the device in the days leading up to the launch. What we’re coming across these days is slightly different, however. While the hardware of the device is barely a secret at this point, we’re finding some interesting tidbits about the S-Pen stylus on the handset.

Late last week, we came across renders from case manufacturers that spoke of Samsung’s willingness to not have a physical cut out on the device to eject the stylus. This gave rise to speculation that the company might use something like an auto eject feature for the S-Pen on the Galaxy Note 5.

Galaxy Note 5 - S Pen -1

This new leak however, shows the stylus in flesh and reveals a new button like component on the top. Its functionality is still a secret at this point, so it’s anybody’s guess as to what it might bring to the table. One theory floating around suggests that this could feature something like a spring that can help in ejecting the stylus from the silo. This button might also double up as a functionality key (in addition to the primary button located on the top half of the S-Pen).

Perhaps, pushing the S-Pen from the bottom will eject it from the silo. This, quite frankly is a much better option than to dig your finger through the edge of the slot and picking it out manually. We’ll wait for more word from Samsung on this before rushing to judgment and suggest you to do the same.

Via: Android Guys

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