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Samsung Pay will not be accessible from rooted devices

Samsung Pay

As Samsung is gearing up for the release of its new wireless payment platform, word is coming out that the company will not let you use the service if you own a rooted device. Samsung Pay is limited to Samsung devices for now and if your device is found to be rooted or have a modified kernel, the app simply won’t work. While this may sound unreasonable to a few, Samsung has seemingly taken this step out of security concerns.

Samsung Pay

The screenshot above perfectly illustrates how the error message will appear if you try to access the service from a rooted handset. With Samsung Pay yet to go mainstream, there are quite a few things that we don’t know about this new wireless payment system yet, so expect more details to be shared during the announcement next month.

What we do know as of now is that Samsung will allow the service to be used by a wide range of payment systems, including the conventional magnetic stripe units. This is in addition to NFC based devices, of course. Samsung is heavily going to endorse this as its competitors do not offer support for magnetic stripe payment units and will need an NFC payment device to work.

Via: Sam Mobile

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