Samsung Galaxy S5 Fix For Boot Up, Battery, and Power Problems [Part 4]

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Hello Guys! Welcome to the fourth installment of our troubleshooter series. We expect more similar problems in the next few days as more and more S5 users are switching over to Android Lollipop. If you are one of our readers with any power- or battery-related troubles, don’t hesitate to contact us via the link provided below.

In the meantime, we hope you will find our Samsung Galaxy S5 fix for boot up, battery, and power problems helpful.


Problem #1: Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t turn back on

About a week ago I noticed my phone was losing power very quickly and charging slowly so I downloaded a battery booster app. It seemed to help up until a day or two ago. Then yesterday my phone would not charge at all while plugged in. I removed the battery and reinserted it. I tried plugging it into different outlets as well as use 2 other chargers. no connection and eventually, in about 5 minutes or less, I lost all power all together and have not since been able to get it to charge whatsoever. My question is: what do I do now that it will not turn on all together? Do I need a new battery or a new phone? Is there any way to have it turn back on again? — Lexy

Solution: Hi Lexy. A good way to isolate the problem is by using another battery. Before you buy a new though, it’s best if you can try these solutions below to weed out possible software-related issue.

  • Boot the phone in safe mode. This is a standard solution for almost all Android ills so you may want to try it.
  • Check if the device boots in recovery mode. Designed to allow users to debug, update, or flash, booting the phone in recovery mode is also a must-do solution in this case. If you can boot the phone in recovery but not in normal mode try to perform a factory reset.
  • Repair. If using a new battery won’t fix the issue, a hardware component failure may be to blame. Consider having the phone repaired, or better still, replaced.

Problem #2: Samsung Galaxy S5 charging on and off

I plugged in my phone to charge last night and it was going from charging to not charging. I messed with the cord, switched to my wife charger and tried different wall plug, none of this worked. I then turned the device off to troubleshoot the problem and the device came back on by itself 2 or 3 times. I then looked up how to fix this I tried to take battery out while phone on and hold down power button. When I turned phone back on the battery went from 28 percent to 95. The phone still does not charge after doing this. What to do now? — Shawn

Solution: Hi Shawn. It appears that the phone’s battery is the source of your misery. Try to calibrate the battery by draining it completely, then recharge it again up to 100%. If that won’t bring the battery back to its normal behavior, simply replace it.

Problem #3: Samsung Galaxy S5 stuck in boot loop

Hello! So earlier today I was playing a game on my phone (Bubble Witch Saga 2). While I was playing, my phone turned off by itself. My phone has turned off by itself before so I tried to turn it back on immediately. The “Samsung Galaxy S5” appeared on the screen but it didn’t do its normal reboot. It only kept vibrating and turning off and on to the Samsung Galaxy S5 screen. Sometimes I would get lucky and the reboot would go all the way to the ‘Sprint Spark’ screen but it would still turn itself off. I then connected my phone to a charger and for some reason that made the phone turn all the way on taking me to my home screen but once I removed the charger it was the same process all over again with it turning on and off. I read some troubleshooting questions from your website and cleared the App Cache & Data. I even booted my phone in safe mode and wiped the cache partition. None of those worked. I know that my power button doesn’t have any issues. I’m not quite sure if I even have the Lollipop update. The last time I updated my phone was about 2 weeks ago. My Galaxy S5 provider is Sprint. I attached a video of the phone turning on and off on its own. I also want to include that when the phone was turning off and on repeatedly I got sick of the constant vibrating and was able to just turn the phone off to keep it from trying to boot up. Hopefully you can help me with this before I have to go spend money on any repairs. Thank you in advance.

With Gratitude. — Eileen

Solution: Hi Eileen. There are only two things that you can do if your phone is stuck in a boot loop (like your problem). Since you have already tried booting the phone in safe and recovery modes, the only remaining potential solution is a full wipe or factory reset. You can do this by booting the phone again in recovery mode.

If factory reset won’t help, you want to test another battery, or just proceed with replacement.

Problem #4: Samsung Galaxy S5 freezes after a full charge

After I’ve done a Lollipop update, my phone is working fine before I put it on the charging wire after it needs to be charged. when I have my Galaxy S5 on the charging wire when I go to take it off, the phone is frozen. the power button works to show the display but that’s it. I can’t get into the phone. no other buttons work. I have to pull the battery and leave it out for 10-20 seconds put it back in and the phone is fine but I have to do this just about every day again only since the Lollipop update. any help would be deeply appreciated. Thank you very much.


To my previous email I want to add the fact that my phone is on. when I put it on the charging wire just drain down so I am in need of charging it but it is on again when I put it on the charging wire. when I go to take it off the charging wire when it is fully charged this is when the phone is frozen except for the power button that will only make the screen come back on it will not give any functions like restart or turning it off. the phone is in effect completely frozen. Again please help me as these phones are part of our everyday life so much that it’s driving me crazy. Thank you. Thank you very much. — C. Harr

Solution: Hi C. Harr. If your phone freezes after fully charging it, you may have a firmware issue at hand. Here are the things that you can do:

Delete the cache partition

Forcing the phone to replace existing cache partition sometimes help in fixing freezing problems. If you haven’t done it yet, this should be your first troubleshooting step.

Power on the phone in safe mode

Sometimes, rogue third party apps can hinder some normal functions of a device. Booting the phone in safe mode can help you narrow down the issue because it prevents the phone from running third party applications. If your phone works fine when in safe mode, that’s a strong indicator that an app may be the root of this problem.

Perform a factory reset

Also known as master reset, this procedure wipes everything from your phone and restores it to its original factory state. Make sure you create a back up of your files before you proceed. This won’t delete your data stored  in your SD card.

Problem #5: Samsung Galaxy S5 drains battery faster after Lollipop update

Hi!  After Lollipop update my Samsung S5 works perfectly fine. It’s fast and responds quick than KitKat. But the battery seems to be major problem. with KitKat, my normal usage be around 10 to 12 hours. But after the update the phone stands for 5-6 hours. Whether it’s used or not! Even in Ultra power saving mode charge gets reduced by 20% during stand by..and now I feel the camera clarity has gone down. I checked all my settings but I find a lot of noise in photos . Photos aren’t like before.

One more thing. after the update whenever I open sounds menu in ultra power saving mode ,the menu crashes.  But the main problem is batter life! — Karthik

Solution: Hi Karthik. These issues can best be addressed by these articles:

Problem #6: Samsung Galaxy S5 stuck in AT&T globe loading screen

After reading through most of your posts about the countless problems that occur with the S5, I was shocked to learn that I may have a new one for ya.

Whenever I attempt to restart or turn off my phone, it begins to shut down  normally but gets to a black screen with a blue loading symbol going in a clockwise motion.  The phone will never turn off, I let it sit for 20 minutes doing the same loading motion but finally got frustrated and pulled the battery. Whenever I turn the phone on after pulling the battery, it will begin it’s startup like normal and allow me to use the phone temporarily, before going back to the AT&T globe emblem screen and remaining there until I again remove the battery. 

I’ve already cleared the cache and performed a factory hard reset from the root menu, but the phone still will not power down properly. I took the phone to a local repair shop that specifies in Samsung products (RSI), they said they ran a full diagnostic test on the phone without the SIM card in, and everything checked out good. 

I’m hoping you may have heard of this issue and can give some advice, if not then I will look into other options

Thank you for all you do. — Ian

Solution: Hi Ian. The only solution that we know for this issue is factory reset via recovery mode, which you already did. The problem might be unique to your phone so try to see if you re-flash the ROM (via ODIN) and see if that makes any difference. Otherwise, consider getting another phone.


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  1. I plugged my Samsung S5 in yesterday and turned it on and updated a couple of apps and it only got to 2 percent before i had to go and while i was in the car i thought it died so i was like OK its just dead and when i got to where i was going i plugged it in but i left the phone connected to the charger while i plugged it in and it wont charge or turn on.

  2. My phone was running out of battery so I put it on and left it to charge, the charging screen was shown. This morning I went to turn on my phone and it is unresponsive. The screen remains blank. Hope you can help?

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