Samsung Galaxy S5 Fix For Boot Up, Battery, And Power Problems [Part 3]

The Galaxy S5 is one of the most popular Android smartphone in the world so it’s expected that many users report all sorts of problems using it. With millions of S5s in circulation, it does not surprise us that many users would complain about its power problems as this is one of the most commonly encountered issues for this device. This does not mean that the S5 is a poorly designed handset because it’s definitely far from it. The truth is, your S5 is one of the most power-friendly devices today. Just like any electronic device, an S5 can suffer from this common issue due to several factors. Let’s take a look at some of the cases that our readers emailed us so we can better prevent the same issue from happening in the future.

S5 battery

We welcome you to the third part of our special series that deals with Samsung Galaxy S5 fix for boot up, battery, and power problems!

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Problem #1: Samsung Galaxy S5 fails to boot after a failed update, How to recover files from S5 internal storage

Hi. I have the Galaxy S5 and last night I tried to install the update after leaving the notification up on my phone for months because anytime I tried to do it, it said my storage was full. I have a 32GB memory card that only has about 5GB used and I planned to move more data to it so I could install the update, but I couldn’t figure out how to move anything from my phone but I knew I could do it from the computer. When I plugged it in, it started the update. Since then, it gets stuck on a screen telling me Android is upgrading and optimizing applications. It started with over 300, now each time I restart it, it lowers down just a little bit. Right now its at 89, but every time it doesn’t complete it ends up at my lock screen with 2 different messages that pop up constantly, like I can’t even press anything else or put in my code. I can’t remember what the messages were exactly, but they were both telling me some kind of program had stopped. Not any regular app or anything, some weird file or program. The past 3 times I restarted my phone it’s not even getting to that screen anymore, it just goes right back to optimizing apps and it’s still stuck at 89. I can’t even turn off my phone properly. I have to take the battery out. I attempted starting it in recovery mode which does work, but I don’t even know where to go from there. Since I didn’t even get to move my files over to the memory card, I really really do not want to have to factory reset and lose all of my pictures and other stuff. When I select reboot from the recovery mode, it displays a message saying something along the lines of error rebooting in recovery, storage full. Can you either give me a solution to this, or tell me if there’s a way to get my files off my phone storage before I have to reset it? My phone has been stuck like this for almost 5 hours and I really don’t want to lose my stuff (I have over 3,000 photos that aren’t saved anywhere else) but I gotta be able to use my phone. Please help!

Hi, just wanted to add that I got back to the screen that displays the 2 messages to me and they are “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped” and “Unfortunately NFC Service has stopped” and they will not leave the screen, they just pop up one after another right after I close them. The only way to get out of this screen is to pull out my battery.

Thanks. — Nicole

Solution:  Hi Nicole. Booting up the phone in recovery mode is the final step a user must go to perform a factory reset. If you are unable to boot the phone in normal mode, you should really do a factory reset. If you already tried the suggestions in this post (the steps are meant for Samsung Galaxy S4 but you can also follow them for your S5) before, the best thing that you do is to perform a factory reset. What is happening is that your phone’s bootloader fails to initialize Android operating system from starting properly, resulting to an endless loop we call bootloop. This can be due to the following:

  • Installation of corrupt/incompatible custom ROM (operating system)
  • Running an incompatible game or app
  • Loading an incompatible theme or modifications.

To get out of this sticky situation, a user can either re-flash the kernel or ROM via Odin or Samsung Kies. If you Google it, you will find plenty of resources to use. However, all these methods will NOT help you save your personal data stored in the phone’s internal memory.

If possible, let a professional check the phone to help you recover your files.

You may also want to check our previous post on how to recover data from internal storage here.

Problem #2: Battery drain issue after updating Samsung Galaxy S5 to Lollipop

Hi. I’m Gurtej Singh. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5. I have recently used the  software update on my phone. At first I kinda liked it but then my phone started running slow, it started freezing and then if I want to search for anything in Chrome or on the Internet it is challenging. I would really like to go back to the old version. Battery  backup is nearly half from before. I would more than appreciate it if you could help me get my phone back in the old version it was where I enjoyed it. Thanks and I hope you address this as soon as you can. — Gurtej

Solution: Hi Gurtej. If you are having performance issues on your S5 after updating to Android Lollipop, we recommend that you clear the cache partition first. Doing so will force the phone to generate a new cache for all apps, replacing the old one which may have become outdated after the update. This is a highly effective solution to improve performance but should the issues continue, you can always wipe the phone completely by doing a factory reset.

For your battery concern, kindly go over our suggestion in this article.

We also outline the reasons why Android Lollipop causes problems before so we recommend that you read it.

Problem #3: How to fix performance issue on Samsung Galaxy S5 after updating to Lollipop

Dear Droid Guy. For more than a year I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S5 (model SM-G900F). 

Since the last update early June I noticed some changes with the situation before the update: in my pocket my phone felt warm and I had to charge the battery every day. Before that I only had to charge every two or three days. Some days later I cleared the cache partition, but with no result. After a while I noticed that Google Maps couldn’t find my location, while Google Earth was able to do that. After clearing the cache of Maps (in Settings -> Applications) it worked as before. Then I decided to clear the cache of every application that was installed. When I had finished that I cleared the cache partition again. It took some time, but let alone it saved a lot of storage, my phone is keeping cool in my pocket and I don’t have to charge it every day any more. It looks like it solved my problem and it might also solve someone else’s problems.

I have still one question though: since Lollipop it should be possible to add more user accounts, but I can’t find “Users” under “Settings”. Is there any other way to add other user accounts? I gladly hear from you.

Greetings. — Frans

Solution: Hi Frans. We’re glad to hear that some of our suggested solutions work for you. As regards your question, Samsung does not currently allow multiple user modes in their flagship phones like your S5. They have not provided any justification for removing this feature so there’s nothing much that we can say about it.

Problem #: Samsung Galaxy S5 slow charging issue

Hello Mr. Droid Guy. I read some of your articles online about why Samsung Galaxy S5 phones have charging problems. I have some problems of my own. My phone will charge, but at a very slow rate (about 5 percent an hour). When I go to sleep at nights, my phone usually has around 0-20% of battery. But when I wake up in the morning (7-10 hours later) it only has around 50-60%. It happened while I was vacationing in Florida by the beach, and I’m not sure if any sand got in the charging place in the phone (and I’m not even sure that has any effect on the charging power) but it started during my vacation. I’m not sure if that was just coincidental or not but I thought I would include that. I’ve also tried techniques trying to solve my problem, including turning it off and on, taking the battery out and back in again, and more ways, but none have solved the problem. Please help!

Sincerely. — Aidan

Solution: Hi Aidan. Have you checked our previous post  that addresses charging issues on an S5? If you haven’t, kindly follow the suggested solutions first. Charging problems can vary per device as there are a few factors involved like the state of the battery, the condition of the charging port and USB cable, as well as the reliability of the firmware.

Your first task is to isolate which one is the real cause. Any of them can be the source of the issue that appears to be slow charging problem at first glance. If the battery has significantly lost its capacity to hold a charge, that may manifest in the problem that you have right now.

The same is true if software is to blame. Too many simultaneously running background apps can force the phone to discharge more battery power over an extended period.

If the problem is your hardware–charging port and/or “leaky” cable–the same thing can happen. If possible, try using the stock Samsung charger at all times. It’s also recommended that you plug the charger to an AC power source instead of in a computer or any alternative power sources to hasten the charging time. If you are using a third party USB cable, try using a different one. Cheap USB cables are sometimes poorly shielded resulting to power “leaks”. Most importantly, make sure that the charging port is working correctly. Debris, dust, or dirt can sometimes get into tiny spaces in a phone causing poor metal contacts when charging.


See recommended reading: Solutions for Samsung Galaxy S4 Charging and Overheating Issues




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