Samsung Galaxy S4 Fix For Boot Up, Battery, and Power Problems [Part 3

Welcome to the third part in our focused troubleshooting series that deals with boot up, battery, and power related problems on the Samsung Galaxy S4. If your own this particular model and you are experiencing these types of issues then you are in luck as we will be providing the troubleshooting steps needed to resolve these problems. I even suggest that you bookmark this page on your favorite browser for future reference.

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S4 Does Not Turn On

Problem: Hi there; I’ve just returned from London England (I am from Canada). I was taking my cell phone with me despite that I had my data turned off. I was carrying it with me so I could use my Samsung Health app that will track my steps. I used it one morning while I was there. I knew I would do a lot of walking so I placed it in my plastic pouch that I carried around my neck at a conference. It was very warm and humid (35 degrees Celsius) Anyway, to make a long story short, it was working fine till around noon and I took a picture back at my hotel room in the air conditioning. I placed my phone on the bed and went to do something else. I came back a few moments later to pick up my phone and it was just a blank screen. I could not get it to turn on at all. I thought that it may have just frozen and I took the battery out so I could reboot the system. It never did return. I have searched the internet and I have found different sites on how to recover it from what they call the black screen of death. (Hold power, menu and volume up at the same time, also volume down, menu and power, and almost any other combination of those). None worked, I then decided that I would try a new battery, that failed as well. I also decided to pick it apart and test the power button with a meter reader to make sure that there was a continued power supply to each of the circuits, still nothing seemed wrong. I am stuck, I need help. Any suggestions?

Solution: I assume you have already tried to enter the recovery menu of your phone to no avail. Using a new battery also fails.

Try doing a battery pull and see if this helps. Take out your phone battery (as well as the microSD card if it has any). Press and hold the power button for at least a minute. This discharges the phone of any residual power and clears out the RAM. Reinsert the battery (leave the microSD out) then turn on your phone.

If your phone still does not turn on then you have to bring it to an authorized service center for further checking.

S4 Battery Losing Charge

Problem:Hi! I have a Samsung S4. I have been having problems with it for some time now. First it started that my texts would sometimes be delayed for more than 30 minutes. This only happens sometimes at different times of the day with data and wifi on and off. Sometimes they are delayed a few minutes and sometimes over an hour. Sometime after that problem started, I noticed that apps were open in my recent apps screen that I hadn’t opened in days. When I close them, exit recent apps and open it again, there will be a few other apps open that weren’t there before. They are always different apps. Then I my battery started to lose its charge pretty quickly. Now if I charge it overnight and unplug it at 7 am, it will be dead by 1 pm with very limited usage. The phone has been overheating a lot as well and charging very slowly. I tried putting it on safe mode and the phone held its charge for the whole day and charged much faster than usual. I left it on safe mode for 24 hours and then put it back to normal and all the above issues are continuing. I am thinking it’s an app that has gone wonky but I don’t know how to figure out which one or how to fix it. Thank you in advance for your time.

Solution: It’s most likely an app that is constantly running in the background and draining your phone battery. You will need to do a trial and error method in determining what app this is. Uninstall an app from your phone then observe if the issue persists. Continue uninstalling an app until you reach a point where the issue does not occur anymore. The last app you uninstalled is the one causing the problem.

S4 Does Not Turn On After Getting Wet

Problem: I dropped my phone in the toilet. Lol ya I know. Would the battery just be toast or is the phone probably toast too. I immediately put it into rice and left it off for  over 12 hrs. It wouldn’t work after that. Help please.

Solution: Did you take out the battery when you dried the phone for 24 hours? This must be done so that the power from the battery will not cause further damage by causing a short circuit. If your phone does not turn on after it has completely dried out try using a new battery on it. If it still does not turn on then you should have it checked at an authorized service center.

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