Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to feature the same front camera as the Galaxy S6 and 4GB of RAM

Galaxy Note 5

A new report has just mentioned that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 handset might feature the same 5-megapixel sensor on the front that we saw on the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge earlier this year. This means that the smartphone will have very impressive selfie capabilities on board which has been one of the major positives of the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge. There’s no word on the rear camera resolution at this point though.

Another report has mentioned that the handset will be packing 4GB of RAM on board, which is not a surprise considering what we’ve heard from reports over the past few months. Manufacturers are expected to bump up the RAM storage to 4GB in future flagships, so expect this to be a standard with upcoming devices.

Even though the reports are coming from credible sources, we can’t be too positive about anything until the company makes them official, so take them with a grain of salt for now. A report from last week suggested that the company was looking to launch the Galaxy Note 5 slightly earlier than scheduled to beat the new iPhones to the finish, so we might see the unveiling commence as early as next month.

Via: – Translated, Sam Mobile