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Samsung could prioritize promotion of the Galaxy S6 edge+ over the Galaxy Note 5

Galaxy S6 edge+

There was always this lingering thought in our mind as to how a company like Samsung could manage the release of two flagships at the same time. While the questions were somewhat answered with the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge back in March, the company is now bracing to release two more flagships, so the question will obviously be asked again.

According to a new report, the company has it all figured out this time around. It is being said that Samsung will prioritize the promotion of the Galaxy S6 edge+ over the Galaxy Note 5, which are both set for a release in mid-August. This is an understandable move given that Samsung’s Galaxy Note flagships have always been niche devices, so not everybody will be drawn towards them.

It is being said that Samsung’s increased production capacity of the curved edge panels is the reason behind the company putting its weight more towards the Galaxy S6 edge+ this time around. The company has long planned to bring all its flagships under the Edge moniker, so this seems to be a firm step in achieving that. The day might not be far when Samsung only produces flagships with curved edges, making flat displays a thing of past, well at least for Samsung.

Source: Korea Herald

Via: Android Authority

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