Overkill: Samsung is developing a 11K resolution mobile display

Samsung Display

Samsung is supposedly building a new mobile display which could pack a resolution of 11K with a pixel density of 2250 ppi. That’s not a typo as many would have guessed and the company is said to be actively pursuing such a project. It’s anybody’s guess as to when a smartphone bearing this display will be revealed, but it is said to be a five year project with involvement from the South Korean government as well.

It is said that a total of $26.5 million has been invested on the project so far, which tells us that this is a very big project. A public prototype of this is said to be shown off at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Samsung supposedly wants to utilize a 3D like effect with the display, although there aren’t enough details available on this as of yet.

One thing’s for sure though, Samsung clearly doesn’t see a limit as far as display tech is concerned and has even hinted that this 11K display could give them an idea as to how much more pixels they can cram into a display, so the Korean manufacturer is clearly quite ambitious.

Source: ET News

Via: Phone Arena