No.1 Watch is the latest wearable to hit the markets, comes with a SIM card slot

No. 1 Watch

No.1 is a manufacturer that we spoke about recently, thanks to its unique rugged smartphone which could operate even without the battery. Today, the manufacturer has unveiled a new wearable called the No.1 Watch, meant to be used independently. We say this because the smartwatch has a SIM card slot which lets you use data (3G only) and even make/receive voice calls, which makes it pretty much like a smartphone but in a tiny form factor.

The wearable also comes with a microSD card slot, letting you store photos, videos and music on the device. It runs on a MediaTek made chipset and what’s better is that the device has a circular display, which is in trend now.

It’s easily the most versatile smartwatch going around and we won’t be surprised if it’s limited to the Chinese market. The company is yet to give out pricing and availability details for the wearable, but we don’t think it will make a big dent on your wallets, assuming you’re able to get it.

Source: No.1 Watch

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