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New units of the OnePlus One coming with an extra layer of screen protector

OnePlus One

The co-founder of OnePlus, Carl Pei has announced on Twitter that newly shipped units of the OnePlus One smartphone will now come with an extra layer of screen protector to keep the device from shattering upon impact. Pei also makes it abundantly clear that these units should not be confused with pre-owned units as we’ve seen complaints of this in the past.

The extra coating of screen protection can easily give an impression that it’s a pre-owned or used product, so it’s good to know that the company is offering clarification on that right from the start.

The company is still relatively quiet about the touchscreen issues that were brought to light earlier today. But knowing OnePlus, we’re expecting an explanation to be on the horizon. The company has tried to issue several updates to patch this particular bug, but to no avail.

Did you find the extra layer of screen protection on your recently purchased OnePlus One? Let us know.

Source: @getpeid – Twitter

Via: Android Headlines

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