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New screenshots show Sony’s new under development UI

Sony New UI

Sony teased the development of a new user interface called Concept for Android some days ago. And now we’re getting our very first glimpse of this UI today, courtesy of a new leak.

It is being shown as to how the company’s new UI is similar and identical to Google’s stock Android UI, which is a very wise move by the company. We’re seeing some changes with regards to the way the app icons are designed though, so there are some differences compared to pure vanilla Android here.

We personally like what we’re seeing here with Sony’s new UI and expect to learn more over the coming days. Given the pace at which the development is taking place right now, we won’t be surprised if the company has a working ROM ready in time for the IFA event in Berlin which will be held in September.

Sony is rumored to be releasing the Xperia Z5 smartphone at about the same time, so it is likely that this new UI will be demoed on a flagship offering like the Z5. What do you think?

Check out the gallery below for more details.

Source: Swedroid – Translated

Via: Android Headlines

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