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New OnePlus One touchscreen issue surfaces

OnePlus One

The OnePlus One, for all the good press that it gets, is suffering from one major issue – the touchscreen. While the company hasn’t been able to fully solve this despite sending out innumerable updates, it seems like OnePlus might have another issue to contend with.

A popular blogger took to a social media site to describe how this issue with the touchscreen renders the device useless. What’s worse is that he has seen the same issues with his wife’s OnePlus One as well, meaning that this issue could be widespread.

According to him, the OnePlus One stops responding suddenly and the touchscreen goes completely blank. The only way to get out of this is to perform a hard reset, while OnePlus is probably looking for other ways to fix it. Even with a hard reset, it doesn’t take long for the issue to surface again, apparently.

There have been complaints about how the OnePlus One couldn’t register touch properly, but this issue is more severe and something which could come in the way of general usage. Catch the video below to understand the full extent of this issue. Do you see something similar on your OnePlus One?

Source: +ArtemRussakovskii – Google+

Via: Android Police

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