Multiple upcoming Motorola smartphones revealed by the FCC


Motorola is expected to reveal a handful of devices this year, and we’re now getting a very good idea of what to expect thanks to a detailed FCC listing, which has revealed two separate variants of the 3rd gen Moto G, along with the Motorola “Kinzie” which could be the next DROID flagship on Verizon.

However, this listing also reveals the Kinzie in multiple variants, suggesting that this could well be the 2015 Moto X. The handset carries support for network frequencies from Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint, so it’s very likely that this is a universal device.

The second device in the listing seems to be carrying bands compatible with Verizon, although it seems to be a midrange offering going by the dimensions provided in the listing. It appears to be too big for something like a Moto G, so it’s possible that this is in fact a midrange Droid mini sort of a device meant for Verizon.

There’s another identical but slightly smaller handset that is headed for Sprint, which could very likely be the new Moto G as it is shown to be packing very identical physical dimensions as the 2014 model. Several devices have been revealed by the FCC and only Motorola could tell us anything with certainty, so we suggest you don’t jump to conclusions just yet.

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Via: Droid Life