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Motorola announces July 28 event, Moto X and Moto G possibly on the agenda

Motorola July 28

Motorola could be looking to announce the 2015 Moto X and the Moto G handsets before the end of the month, if an event invitation sent out to media outlets is anything to go by. The company has announced that it will hold an event on the 28th of July and invites users to find their “perfect Moto match”.

The company further mentions – “We feel lost without it. We trust them with our most personal questions, photos, stories and secrets. They never leave our side. But shouldn’t all that care and devotion you show be returned? A better mobile relationship is on its way.”

The event will be held simultaneously in New York City and London, so this is most likely the announcement of the new flagship. Considering that the company released the Moto G along with the Moto X last year, it’s safe to assume that it will be the case this time around as well.

The company might also have a new iteration of the Moto 360 to show off during the event, but we haven’t heard much about it in the leaks or reports so far, which means the mystery is still pretty much intact as far as the company’s next gen wearable is concerned.

An image of the 2015 Moto X was leaked out earlier today, so we can expect more details to follow on the smartphone over the coming days as we lead up to that July 28 release of the flagship.

Source: Motorola

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