Microsoft launches Android launcher called Arrow in a closed private beta

Microsoft Arrow

Microsoft has just released something known as Arrow internally, which is a new Android custom launcher that the folks at Redmond are currently said to be testing. We’re getting a glimpse of three screenshots for the time being, revealing various aspects of the launcher.

The first screenshot is from the launcher’s section called People, which has a dialer and some of your frequently dialed contacts on display. The second screen is apps while the third one is a notes and reminders section which lets you take down something important without having to open a dedicated app.

Swiping from the bottom of the screen will show you some of the most used apps, which is another nifty addition to the launcher. The iconography is very minimalistic and Microsoft has clearly decided to go simple with the new Arrow launcher. It is yet to be ascertained as to when the launcher will arrive for the masses, but we’re guessing the day is not far away knowing that it’s already in testing.

Source: Microsoft News

Via: Android and Me