LG rumored to be releasing a new “super premium” handset this year

LG G4 - LG G Pro 3

With LG already releasing the G4 smartphone a couple of months ago, one would think that the company wouldn’t have a flagship offering in the pipeline for the time being. But a word from the President of LG Electronics, Cho Jun Ho suggests that the company is not done with 2015 and could have yet another flagship to show off for the markets.

Given that LG hasn’t released a large sized flagship since the G Pro 2, it’s possible that the company is looking to release the G Pro 3 this time around. This will be similar to what Samsung does with two flagship level handsets unveiled every year (or four this year). LG is widely successful with its midrange and budget handsets in the market, so there’s no reason why it can’t replicate the same with a decently priced flagship offering.

The holiday season sales account for a large chunk of the manufacturers’ revenues, so it’s understandable as to why LG would want a second flagship for the year. What do you expect to see from this mystery LG device?

Source: ET News

Via: Android Spin