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Huawei on track to becoming the third largest mobile OEM with nearly 50 million devices shipped in H1 2015

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Huawei is on the fast track to becoming the third largest mobile OEM in the world, a new report suggests. The company has supposedly shipped 48.2 million devices in the first half of 2015, with the company expected to breach the 100 million mark by the end of the year. The first and second spot are currently dominated by Samsung and Apple respectively, with the third spot held by Lenovo for the time being.

It must be noted that Lenovo hasn’t published its sales figures yet, so we might be jumping to conclusions a little too early about Huawei’s fortunes in the mobile industry. Huawei is also expected to release a Nexus smartphone later this year, which could have a significant impact on its sales figures as well.

Before the arrival of the Nexus flagship however, the company appears to be prepping the release of the Mate 8 flagship at the IFA event this September, which has the potential to be a hit in China and elsewhere. But given the competition it faces from regional players like Lenovo, Xiaomi etc, it certainly won’t be a walk in the part for Huawei.

Source: BBC

Via: Phone Arena

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