Honda to bring Android Auto to its cars starting 2016

Android Auto - Honda

Android Auto was officially announced last year, but its implementation is still somewhat limited. We recently heard how Chevrolet is bringing the car pairing system to almost all of its 2016 lineup and today we’re hearing the same about Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda. The company has promised that with 2016 models of the Honda Accord, Android Auto (or Apple CarPlay) will be provided by default.

30 car manufacturers have promised to bring Android Auto to their devices, with third party head units from Pioneer and Kenwood already going on sale in the markets. Users can expect to have cars from all major manufacturers coming out with Android Auto by at least 2017, with the likes of Honda, GMC, Hyundai, Ford etc getting a front row seat for Google’s virtual assistant for the car.

While the Honda Accord is said to be launching with Android Auto in 2016, the company hasn’t clarified as to whether other cars from the company will also get support for Android Auto.

Via: Re/Code