Google venturing into Uber’s territory with a carpooling service

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A new report suggests that Google is venturing into Uber’s territory, thanks to its acquisition of Waze. This pilot program has supposedly been kicked off in Tel Aviv, Israel for the time being and could expand to other regions over a period of time. It must be noted that Waze was developed in Israel, which explains why the pilot program is being conducted in the country.

The idea here is that car owners will be able to pick up interested passengers who happen to be located on the driver’s original path (work to home or vice versa). So it’s not exactly like an on-demand cab service. But for a big city, something like this could do wonders considering the sheer amount of vehicles that are traveling to a particular destination at any given time.

Payments for the rides will be calculated on the basis of fuel, mileage and the overall wear and tear that the vehicle might undergo during the ride. Further, Google will supposedly allow only two passengers per car, per day, so you can’t exactly run a business out of this. This is an interesting spin on Uber and the plethora of cab services that are operating today, making it an exciting prospect for Google. We can say that this is a more social version of Uber and could certainly strike a chord with the metropolitan users.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Via: Phandroid

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