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Google to bring personalized email addresses to Gmail for $2 per month

Gmail Personal Email

A new revelation talks about how Google is looking to bring personalized email addresses to customers of Gmail for as little as $2 per month. There will be two more tiers for work related emails at $5 and $10 per user respectively. The former will come with 30GB of online storage, while the $10 tier offers unlimited storage or 1TB if there are under 5 people signed up to the plan.

It seems like Google is still testing out the release of this feature as it’s no longer visible on Gmail anymore. But this is enough evidence to go with at the moment and we can expect a release sometime soon. Google has obviously been tight lipped about this for now, although we hope the company will make it officially any day now.

A service like this will allow existing Gmail users to shift their email to something more catchy and suited to their liking, so it’s certainly going to be a crowd favorite. What do you think?

Via: GSM Arena

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