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Google+ Photos officially shutting down on August 1, only Google Photos to remain functional

Google Photos

Ever since Google Photos was launched by Google, there has been some confusion about what this meant for Google+ Photos. Google has finally answered that question by announcing the closure of the service, keeping only Google Photos relevant. This will avoid the confusion that the customers face with the availability of two services simultaneously.

It is said that Google+ Photos will first shut down on Android with web and iOS versions following shortly after. Most users are already hooked onto Google Photos, which offers a more convenient means of cloud storage.

Images and videos are seamlessly backed up on the cloud and you won’t have to lift a finger once the photo is taken on your smartphone or tablet. The fact that Google Photos comes with unlimited storage (for cropped image sizes) is an added bonus for prospective users.

If you have your images and videos stored on Google+ Photos, you will still be able to take them using Google Takeout even after the service shuts down, so there’s no need to worry if you have a lot of content there. To avoid any trouble later, make sure you switch to Google Photos right away.

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