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Google Maps Directions Can Now Be Sent From Desktop To Mobile

Until now if you wanted to easily get directions to somewhere after using Google Maps on the desktop, you needed to go check Google Now and see if the location was in there. Now, Google is allowing users to send directions to a location directly on the device.

Google Maps Send To Device

When searching for a place, a new “Send to device” option is presented. Once you click that, Google will let you send a notification to any device you have that runs the latest version of Google Maps. This works for both platforms, allowing both Android and iOS users to use Google’s mapping service easier than before.

Google Maps Notification


If you tap on the name of the place, it will bring up the card in Google Maps, allowing you to read information such as a location’s website or business hours. Tapping “Navigate” will bring you right into the usual turn-by-turn screen.

With this change, Google has made it far easier for customers to get directions to a location, with less hoops. You need both the latest version of Google Maps on iOS and Android. If it hasn’t rolled out to you yet on the Play Store, you can get the APK right here. Do you like this change to Google Maps?

Source: Google Support via Android Police

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