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With the wide array of applications that we can install for free from the Google Play Store, we can’t help but face problems with most of the apps that we have planted on our phones. This article outlines real issues that some Android users encounter after installing or using these apps. Each reported problem has a specific fix so I would recommend that you read each one of them as your issue may be similar to what was stated. If all the troubleshooting suggestions fail, the last resort is to reset the phone to its factory state. Let me include the steps in performing a factory reset for Samsung Galaxy S6 for easy reference.


Soft Reset

  1. Access the Settings menu on your phone and open up the Backup and reset option.
  2. Select the Factory Data Reset option found at the bottom of the screen. Note that this will erase all data saved on your device so proceed with caution.
  3. Press Reset Device on the prompt and wait for your phone to restore to factory settings.


Hard Reset

  1. Power off the device then turn it back on by simultaneously holding the Volume Up + Home + Power buttons.
  2. Continue holding the button combination until the Android logo pops up on the screen.
  3. If performed properly, the phone boot menu should display on the screen. Use the Volume Up/Down keys to navigate and the Power button to make selections.
  4. Select the option Wipe Data/Factory Reset, scroll down to Yes, delete all user data and press the power button one more time.
  5. Once the process is complete, restart the device and wait for it to come back up. Your phone has been returned to its factory state.


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From time to time I will be doing something on my phone like browsing the Internet, opening and playing a game, or browsing Facebook and the App store would just randomly open to a game or an app that I haven’t downloaded and it is now getting frustrating. I have seen posts that says to un-install apps that may have caused the problem. I have checked and removed all apps that can possibly affect it. I am unsure of what it could be and I haven’t had the phone that long. I had this same exact problem on my S5 and I have transferred everything over to my S6. It would be great if you have already been contacted about this and have a solution. Much appreciated!Josh Fleming


Solution: Hello Josh. This issue is not new to Android users who have downloaded a lot of apps from the Google Play Store. This is a type of malware called PUP which means a Potentially Unwanted Program. It is not destructive in a way wherein your phone and your files gets corrupted but it can really get annoying with those random advertising ploys.

It is common knowledge that all free to install apps come with some advertisements and the developers may have bundled this certain code to those apps you’ve installed to your phone. Have you cleared the app data of those applications you have uninstalled? Removing everything associated to those apps can potentially resolve the issue. You can also check your Ad settings under your Google account (the account you are using to download the apps) and make sure to opt out of interest based ads. You can do this by going to Settings>Accounts>Google>Ads. Furthermore, clearing the cache partition can also help. Here’s how:

  1. Completely turn off the device. Press and hold the Volume Up + Home Button + Power Button at the same time.
  2. Release the Power button once the Samsung logo appears but continue to press the Volume Up and Home buttons.
  3. Release all buttons when you see the System Recovery screen pops up.
  4. Use the Volume Down key to scroll down and select Wipe Cache Partition by pressing the Power button.
  5. Once done, scroll up and select Reboot System Now.

If it doesn’t completely resolve the issue, you may check the remaining apps on your phone and may consider uninstalling those as well. Just leave those apps that you really need and make sure to clear their caches after every use. It is also recommended that you install an Antivirus or Malware detection program to your device to prevent this from happening again.




Whenever I open the camera app, it shutters then you would hear and feel a vibration. I have T-Mobile as my carrier provider and that is where I got the S6 from. I have had it since day 1 and I have told them my problem and they have told me that I should send this phone back to Samsung and receive a new one. Also, the lag is terrible, though not constantly happening. I would exit whatever app I had open to the home screen then there would be a blank screen which slowly places my apps and clock widget. Any advice would really help. Thanks.Allen Vasconez


Solution: Hi Allen. When you said that it shutters, do you mean that the camera flashes and doesn’t turn off? A widespread issue with the camera app has affected S6 owners the first time it was rolled out especially those that came from T-Mobile. Specifically, it affected the LED flash which would turn on but could not be turned off. Though Samsung has promised a fix way back April, it wasn’t until the Android 5.1.1 update which came up around mid-June, that the issue has been completely fixed. If you have not installed such update, it is recommended that you do so from the T-Mobile Galaxy S6 software update page. Make sure to follow the instructions to the dot to prevent further mishaps. Regarding the lag issues after using an app, I would suggest you clear the app’s cache regularly to free up your phone from such nuisance. The lighter the load, the faster the processor runs. Clearing the cache partition would greatly help too. Let us know if it worked or not.




Greetings! I saw your articles online with a prompt to write in with questions, so here goes. My Galaxy S6 camera app takes 60-90 seconds to focus once I launch it by double tapping the home button. Can you help me figure out how to fix that? There is no point in having a quick launch, then having to wait 90 seconds for the camera to come into focus. Thank you.Paco Abrigo


Solution: Good day Paco! Does the same issue happens if you open the camera app directly from the app drawer? If so, then it has nothing to do with the shortcut in quick launch but with the focus settings itself. The reason can be any of these:


  1. The object that you are focusing is too close to the lens of the Samsung Galaxy S6. The camera is unable to focus to the desired object as you are not located within the focus area. Try to move away from that object to shift your camera’s focus.


  1. Run the test menu of the Samsung Galaxy S6 to check the camera’s focus. Open your phone’s keypad and type in the code *#0*# in order to access the service menu. Once the screen opens, it will display the different categories to perform hardware tests. You can find out if a hardware component is still functioning properly through these tests as these are controlled by standard drivers. Select the Mega Cam menu to test the camera focus. If it focuses without trouble, then the issue lies on the camera app itself. We can either wipe the cache partition or uninstall then reinstall the camera app.


  1. The camera doesn’t focus on a specific object in a normal environment. The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S6 has a built-in optical image stabilizer thus shaking the phone may help resolve the focus issue. If the said image stabilizer jammed, then it will lose its capability to focus on an object. Since this is a mechanical defect, the best thing to do is to send your device in for repair or have it replaced.




Hey. I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S6 the day they came out and after playing with my phone for a day, I noticed that all videos quit playing and Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube would just go to a blank screen. Also, I could not stream Pandora because it would just flip right through every song and never stream. Finally, I think it may also be affecting my alarm because I’ve tried setting it several times and never had any success. Even when I try to pick out alarm tones, it will not play them or when I adjust the alarm volume, it makes no noise. I have only been able to live with the phone this long because if I restart it, everything will work again for a few hours then back to the glitch again. I was told by the people at Best Buy that I had to report any problems with the phone within 2 weeks from the date of purchase, but I got tied up and wasn’t able to. I’ve looked everywhere for a solution to the problem and can’t find one. I hope you can help and thank you very much for your time.  — Will Shaw


Solution: Hey there Will. I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing multiple issues with the apps installed on your phone. Normally issues like these are caused by a corrupt data or cache on your apps. Have you tried going through each app under Settings>Apps and delete the cache of every app you come across? Also, rebooting your phone would refresh the temporary app cache which would result to working applications afterwards. However, there are those caches that would remain on your device’s partition even after a clean-up or removal is done.  We need to access the phone’s main menu and clear the system’s cache partition. Once it’s done, check and see if your applications function normally again. If the issues continue to occur, resetting the phone to factory settings would suffice. You will have to start over with the phone’s setup but rest assured that the issue will be resolved. Bear in mind as well that the last solution will wipe out everything from your phone so make sure to backup your files first prior to initiating the factory reset. Let us know if you need further assistance on this.




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