[Deal] Verizon Moto X available for $199.99 off contract

Moto X

The 2nd gen Moto X can now be yours for just $199.99 off contract. This is the Verizon Wireless model of the handset and comes off contract. If you’re wondering why the pricing is so low, it’s because this is a manufacturer refurbished version of the handset. It must be noted that Motorola currently offers the entry level Moto X unlocked for $299.99, so this offers a flat $100 discount on the asking price.

Manufacturer refurbished units come directly from Motorola, so you can be assured that you’re getting the best unit for the price that you’re paying. The seller is even offering free shipping along with the deal, which is an added bonus considering the cost of the handset.

As we usually mention with deals, there’s no word as to how long the pricing will last, so make sure you head over to the link below and snatch up the 2014 Moto X on the cheap before it’s too late.

Source: eBay

Via: Android Headlines