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Cricket Wireless To Add Unlimited Calls And Texts From Mexico And Canada

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The no-contract subsidiary of AT&T, Cricket Wireless, will be offering customers on the $50 and $60 per month plans unlimited calls and text messages from Mexico and Canada to the US starting in August. This is on top of Cricket already offering unlimited calls and texts from the US to Canada and also from Mexico.

The new additions will not cost anything extra. Support for calls and texts from Mexico will start on August 2nd, with Canadian support coming later that month. However, the number of calls and texts made from Mexico to the US cannot exceed 50% of the total usage from a customer every month for more than 3 months or the service will be terminated.

If you’re on either the $50 or $60 per month plans, are you glad you’ll have this new feature while roaming in Canada or Mexico? And if not, will you upgrade your plan or switch from another carrier?

Source: Cricket Wireless via Android Central

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