Casio working on a new smartwatch: Report

Casio Logo

Reports are indicating that Japanese watch maker Casio is the latest to be interested in the development of a new smartwatch. It is believed that the company has always been interested in bringing a device like this to the market with the plan said to be in fruition for about 3-4 years now.

The company states that this wearable will be priced at $400, which would make it expensive compared to the current crop of Android Wear smartwatches, but not by much. The smartwatch will be reportedly sold in Japan first, which makes sense since it is their home turf.

Sadly, the smartwatch will probably be OS agnostic much like Pebble, which means that Android users won’t be able to get any exclusive features. But regardless of that, it’s good to know that a new smartwatch will land in the market soon, even more so if it’s from a world renowned company like Casio which is known to push the boundaries of technology since the 80s.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Via: Engadget