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AT&T LG G3 getting an update with factory data reset protection


The LG G3 smartphone on AT&T is now getting an update. But don’t get your hopes up as this is only a minor update that is supposed to bring Factory Data Reset protection to the device. There are no other major changes on board, barring one or two bug fixes.

It’s interesting to note that AT&T is using McAfee’s services to bring factory data reset protection, which is slightly odd as Google offers this feature by default with stock Android. It’s interesting to note that this update doesn’t introduce Android 5.1 as the device is still running Android 5.0.1. However, knowing that LG already has the Android 5.1 ROM ready, the update shouldn’t be far away for the AT&T variant.

Given that it’s a minor update, there isn’t a lot to be excited about. So don’t lose patience if you’re not seeing the OTA update notification right away on your smartphone. Head over to AT&T’s official support page below for more details on the product.

Source: AT&T

Via: Android Spin

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