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Angry Birds 2 globally available for Android

Angry Birds 2

Rovio recently announced the arrival of Angry Birds 2 as the sequel to the popular Angry Birds game. The developer has released multiple spin-offs for Angry Birds over the past few years, but never really launched a full blown successor to the game. This game has officially made its way to the Google Play Store today, letting Android users in on the fun. The game is also available to iPhone and iPad owners via the iTunes App Store.

The game sticks to its roots and doesn’t bring any drastic changes to the gameplay. But with that being said, the developers have introduced a couple of new features on board which makes it worth your time. You can now choose the birds that you want to sling, while spells and other tricks can give you that extra edge mid-air. Overall, it’s the same Angry Birds in theory but with a new look and some extra zing.

It’s a free download from the Google Play Store, but you can make in-app purchases to get access to some cool stuff.

Source: Google Play Store

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