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Android Wear to get a major revamp: new gestures and watch to watch messaging

Android Wear - New Features

A new report that surfaced over the weekend suggests that Android Wear will soon receive a major revamp which will introduce a couple of new features. This will come in the form of an update to all current wearables and will potentially change the way you use your smartwatch.

The report mentions how single tapping to open the launcher will make way for a more convenient right-to-left swipe gesture on Android Wear. In its current form, a single tap on your watch face will activate the launcher, but this will no longer work after the new update.

Single tapping however will be built deeper into the system and will let you get more options from a particular app. As illustrated in the leaked image above, a tap can be used to almost cycle between various facets of an application or a UI feature. Users currently need to swipe from right to left to get more details about an app (ex: Google Fit).

Another new addition here is the ability to send messages to other Android Wear smartwatches. Users will be able to send emojis and other content to smartwatches within proximity, although the exact functionality is yet to be understood. These features could breathe a fresh life into Android Wear and we’re curious to see what other features Google has to show. It is said that the announcement will be held in August, although it was originally scheduled for the end of July.

Via: Phandroid

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