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Alleged image of the 3rd gen Moto X leaks out

Moto X 2015

A new leak from a Brazilian Google+ user is showing us what could well be the rear panel of the upcoming Moto X flagship. But we’ve seen this device leaking out as the 2015 Moto G in previous leaks, so we’re taking the report with a grain of salt for the time being. Motorola hasn’t made anything official yet, so the suspense will stay until next month when both devices are expected to be revealed by the company.

The back panel isn’t plain as you can see and has a unique texture on it, which will help the company distinguish the device from the predecessor. It will be interesting to see if the company will offer this pattern on leather variants as well (assuming this is indeed the 2015 Moto X).

A leak from a few days ago suggested that Motorola would bring Moto Maker customization to the midrange Moto G smartphone as well, so the company certainly has a lot to announce during the announcement event. There is talk of Motorola launching two separate variants of the Moto X, so nothing can be said with certainty about this leak right now.

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Source: Roger Pretto – Google+

Via: Phone Arena

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