You can now get a 200GB microSD card from SanDisk for $239

SanDisk 200GB

Most Android smartphones these days rely heavily on the internal storage, rather than allowing microSD cards for security purposes. However, there’s no denying that there are still a lot of devices out there that support microSD cards. And if those users feel like 128GB is not adequate enough, SanDisk has answered their prayers and brought its new 200GB microSD card to online retail outlets.

The card was announced quite some time ago, but it wasn’t officially available for purchase up until now. You will have to shell out a hefty $239.44 for the microSD card though, which might seem like a little too much considering that you can get pretty decent external or internal hard drive for that cost. However, for a portable storage device such as this, you can’t ask for a better deal, purely because there aren’t any cards like this out there.

Another factor to consider here is that 200GB microSD cards are barely supported on devices today, which is important to consider before you shell out money on this SanDisk offering. Head over to the link below to see if this strikes your fancy.

Source: Amazon

Via: Droid Life

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