With Android M, you will find a dedicated default apps section

Android M - Default Apps

Android M comes with a handful of features as we all know, and we’re learning more about the system with each passing day. According to a new revelation, the new Android version will feature a dedicated default apps section, letting you set the default apps for a particular function like opening the music player, playing video files, reading PDF files etc.

At the moment, Android asks if you want to open an app with a particular app and even lets you set it as default with the “Open Always” option. However with a dedicated section for this purpose, Google can ensure that users don’t have to wait until they open the app every time and just choose how they want a certain function or link to be opened.

To access this page, users have to head over to the Apps section on the Settings and head over to the Advanced settings option by tapping the three dot menu on the top right. You will also find links to manage app links and revoke permissions from here. It’s an interesting addition and something that was long overdue on Android.

What do you make of this new default apps section?

Via: Android Police