This week’s best deals on phones, tabs, wearables and accessories : June 15 – 21

A certain device manufacturer with a stellar past but shaky future is said to be looking for a buyout. Another one is only getting started in a bold quest for tech world domination, flaunting unexpectedly robust low-cost wearable sales numbers.


Big change is upon Motorola as well, heartened by Lenovo’s cash flow, while Sony continues to show extreme caution in breakthrough feature adoption. Finally, Asus sees its smartphone relevance noticeably boosted at last, which may be one of the reasons they’ve considered an HTC purchase in the first place.

What do all these seemingly unrelated events, rumors and status quo adjustments have to do with our now traditional weekly Amazon promotion roundup? Everything. Product evolution and strategy shifts are the core originators of deals and discounts, so our harvest for today is richer than ever:

Best smartphone deals of the week


Motorola Moto X (2nd generation) – $299 GSM unlocked in black or white/bamboo

Moto X 2nd gen

Thanks to the looming third-gen Moto X, rumored to eclipse its predecessor big-time, the 2014 edition has dropped to a palatable three Benjamins, including when backed by an ornate wood material. Alas, possibly the handsomest X+1 model, adorned with leather, costs a whopping $525 unlocked. Or $0 with AT&T financing, or $99 and up on-contract at Verizon in a unique “football leather” variant.

Samsung Galaxy S6 – $598 black factory unlocked; $604 in white pearl; $612 gold

We almost forgot of perhaps the hottest recent piece of gossip regarding an unannounced device in our opening, but deeper and deeper S6 cuts make it clear and impossible to ignore – an S6 Plus, or S6 Edge Plus is around the corner.

With a dual-edged construction, among other premium things, so the fancy, extravagant $865 GS6 Edge has to go down soon as well. Stay in touch!

BLU Studio X – $107

BLU Studio X

One of the busiest bees in the Android hive just released a couple of new budget soldiers… and further reduced a few old ones. The 5-inch Studio X should soon get a Lollipop promotion, making its quad-core/720p/1 GB RAM hardware an even greater steal, at a little over 100 bucks.

BLU Studio X Plus – $129

Think bigger is better? Then this ultra-affordable 5.5 incher is the way to go. Otherwise, pick up the Studio X and call it a (shopping) day.

HTC Desire 510 – $49.99 Sprint prepaid

HTC Desire 510 Sprint

Man, HTC is getting desperate to stand out in the low to mid-end arena, green-lighting the Now Network’s latest discount, and therefore essentially giving up profits on this quad-core 4.7 incher.

Unusually cheap tablets for the week


Acer Iconia One 7 B1 – $99.99

Intel Atom power, 7-hour battery life, 16 GB internal storage space (!!!), 1 GB RAM, 7 sharp inches of 800p screen real estate, slender 0.35-inch profile. What more could you want at under a Benjamin? Lollipop software, you say? At least KitKat? Yeah, keep on dreaming.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 – $149

Galaxy Tab 4 7.0

The ultra-low-end 7-inch Samsung slate has never been deemed a must-buy, and it still needs between $30 and $50 off to eclipse some of its rivals. On the plus side, it’s KitKat-based, and we wouldn’t rule out an incoming Android 5.0 bump. It’s also quad-core, endowed with 1.5 GB RAM, can last up to ten hours on a single cell charge, and comes bundled with $300 worth of free “content and services.”

HP 8 G2 – $120

Out of stock at HP, where it’s listed for $150 anyway, this is another highly flawed compact pad running an ancient OS iteration. Still, KitKat is no Jelly Bean, 7.85 inches are better than 7 for multimedia consumption, and 16 GB base storage sounds great under $150.

HP Slate S7 – $89.99


Also known as Slate 7 Extreme for a good reason, the S7 offers Tegra 4 punch, 16 GB digital hoarding room, 800p display resolution, 1 GB RAM, 8-hour autonomy and 5 MP camera prowess at only 90 clams. A-mazing! Too bad the otherwise zippy Tegra 4 CPU makes a KitKat, let alone Lollipop update virtually impossible.

Android-compatible wearables for all


LG Watch Urbane – $320

LG Watch Urbane

The luxury Android Wear piece probably needs no introduction. So, let’s not waste time. It’s phenomenally good-looking, robust, touts standalone Wi-Fi with the newest Android W build, plus top-tier all-around specifications… for mid-2015 smartwatch standards.

Samsung Gear 2 Neo – $169

Technically powered by Tizen, not Android, the Gear 2 Neo is synchable to a host of Android-running Samsung phones and tablets. Which is the only thing we really care about. Well, that, and battery life, rated here at 2 to 3 days with “typical usage.”

Samsung Gear Fit – $101

It’s a fitness tracker. No, it’s a smartwatch. No, it’s actually a bit of both, with excellent notification support, a minimalistic design, heart rate monitor, water and dust resistance, plus solid battery endurance.

Best mobile accessories deals for June 15 – 21


LG NP7550 Bluetooth speaker (2015 model) – $99

LG speaker

20-watt power and two discrete channels of sound for “proper” stereo sound reproduction. Not exactly living room party starter material, but great for a portable, sleek, 1.5-pound speaker capable of lasting nine hours between charges.

Delton 10X Bluetooth wireless headset – $29.99

13 hours talk time, 220 hours standby stamina. Also, 10x noise cancelling technology (obviously) and universal compatibility. Enough said.

RAVPower 8,400 mAh portable charger – $12.99 (87 percent off list price)


To grasp just what 8,400 mAh juice means, let us mention the Motorola Droid Turbo requires less than a half for a full charge, whereas the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 carries a 7,900 mAh pacemaker. So yeah, with $13, you can score a contraption good to invigorate a couple of Turbos and get the Tab S 10.5 from 0 to 100 in no time.

weBoost Drive 3G-M booster kit – $149.99 (55 percent off)

Not quite the most popular type of smartphone accessory in the mainstream landscape, this signal booster is incredibly inexpensive and will come handy for long family travels in remote, isolated areas. It promises cellular range enhancement, fewer dropped calls and lost connections for up to four devices at once. Neat!