Stock Android camera app could soon get ‘Smart Burst’ feature


Amidst the myriad of Android camera software that is available in the wild, Google’s stock camera application from the Nexus devices get little mention. And there’s very good reason for that. While manufacturers like Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony etc pack in a bundle of features into their default camera application, Google’s Nexus devices see a relatively plain camera UI with only the basic features available.

But with the release of Android M on the horizon, it seems like the company is prepping to bring a new feature to its camera application. This feature is simply known as ‘Smart Burst‘ and lets you take a bundle of images in one go. This has been available on other Android devices for as long as we can remember now, but it seems like Google will make it slightly different than the rest to make it stand apart.

It is revealed that the Smart Burst feature will be able to distinguish the facial expressions along with other data¬†like number of people in the image and also check if someone in the pictures have their eyes closed. All these features combined justify the name Smart Burst, but we’re yet to see it in action, so it’s too early to comment on its actual functionality.

What do you think about a feature like this? Is Google late to the party?

Via: Android Police