Spotify finally gets an Android Wear app

Spotify Android Wear

The Spotify app is pretty much a necessity for music lovers who like to stream songs on the go. The developers have now baked deeper integration with Android by including support for Android Wear smartwatches. Although support is only limited at the moment, it’s certainly a start.

In its current form, it requires you to have Spotify opened on your smartphone and only then you can skip, pause, resume tracks using the controls on the wearable. You can also scroll through your artists, stations, albums and playlists as the screenshot suggests. One of the biggest changes we’ve seen with the recent iterations of Android Wear is that they come with support for native apps that can run independently of the paired smartphone.

Some examples to this are Shazam, Maps, Google Play Music etc. We hope that Spotify works on a standalone app like these to make it easier for Android Wear users to access their playlists without even requiring to take out their smartphone. Android Wear support with Spotify is said to be rolling out with a new update, so you might not see it on your wrist right away.

Spotify Android Wear -1

Source: Google Play Store

Via: 9to5Google

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