Solutions for Samsung Galaxy S6 Data, Wi-Fi Connection Problems [Part 2]


As promised, here is the second post for the potential solutions for Samsung Galaxy S6 data, wi-fi connection problems. It should be noted that the majority of connection issues for your S6 or any Android device can be fixed with the help of your service providers. The rule of the thumb should be to contact them first should you encounter possible network connection issues before contacting us as our suggestions may only cover troubleshooting the firmware of your device.


Problem #1: Samsung Galaxy S6 losing signal, ISP icons randomly when in lock screen

Hi. It’s my first time owning a Samsung phone and I’m having few issues with my Galaxy S6. Sorry for having so many questions because I’m not familiar with Android system as the only smartphone I’ve owned is the iPhone.

  • My service provider is not showing on the top left corner unless it’s in lock screen. A lot of times I’m thinking maybe my phone service is disconnected. I’ve tried restarting by pressing power lock, home, and volume down buttons but still like that from time to time.
  • Any ways to connect and disconnect Wi-Fi without unlocking the phone?
  • The screen went black sometimes when calling so I had to press home or power lock button to see it again. I’ve tried restart it by pressing power lock, home, and volume down buttons but still like that from time to time.
  • Sometimes the app updating or downloading notification won’t go away when it’s done. I had to remove it myself.
  • How to turn off auto update for apps?
  • What is About Device > Software update > Auto update do? It checks for update or download automatically? And what kind of updates?  Thanks. — Timothy

Solution: Hi Timothy. We hope you are enjoying your S6 so far. Android and iOS environments have their own unique set of problems as they have significant design differences. We will answer your questions one at a time here.

  1. The only instance that we know of when a service provider’s icon disappears from the main or home screen of an Android device is when there’s intermittent cellular signal. It’s also normal to lose the signal indicator and the ISP’s icon when the signal the device is getting is weak.
  2. In Lollipop, you can only manipulate settings and the status bar at the top after unlocking the phone.
  3. The nearest possible reason for this observation is that the proximity sensor that detects your face during a call may have failed to notice that the device is no longer near your face even after ending the call. If something blocks it continuously after the call, the sensor may get a reading telling it that the call is not yet finished. Just like its predecessors, the proximity sensor of your S6 is located near the earpiece. Try checking for dirt or foreign object that may affect the sensor’s function.
  4. To check if the hardware itself is malfunctioning, try to access the phone’s service menu by following these steps:
    • Open your phone’s dialer app.
    • Enter the code *#0*# at the keypad.
    • Tap Sensor field in the service menu.
    • Check the data under the second entry. The ideal figures to indicate a working proximity sensor should between 10-15. if you are getting almost 50, that may indicate a hardware issue or dust is interfering with it.
    • If you think dust is not the issue, have the sensor checked or demand for a replacement from a relevant party (Samsung, retailer, or your service provider).
  5. It sometimes takes a few seconds or even minutes for any Android phone to dismiss download notifications. This is a known bug even before Lollipop was rolled out. Unfortunately, there’s really nothing that we can’t do at our end other than let the phone deal with it.
  6. If you want to manually give permission whether or not to update apps, please follow these steps:
    • Open Google Play Store app.
    • Tap the menu icon (three horizontal dots on the upper left corner).
    • Tap Settings.
    • Tap Auto-update apps.
    • Select the option Do not auto-update apps.
  7. About Device>Software update>Auto update allows you to control whether or not to receive notification for any available Android operating system update. If there are any new patches from your carrier, Samsung, or Google, this is where you can set if you want them to notify you about them or not.

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Problem #2:  Samsung Galaxy S6 showing “Unable to connect to network” error

I just received my S6. I noticed when I am in a store or my car and I try to connect to the internet, search, or get into an app I get the message “Unable to connect to network” error. What am I doing wrong?  I have scowered the internet to discover a check box I may need to check in the system. Thanks. — Leslie

Solution: Hi Leslie. Make sure that your device is getting a strong cellular signal when you are outside your home Wi-Fi to be able to continue connecting to the internet. We recommend that you simply switch the Smart Network Switch on so your phone will automatically switch to your mobile data network when out of range of any Wi-Fi.

To turn it on, just follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Wi-Fi.
  • Tap More.
  • Tap Smart network switch.
  • Tap On to enable it.

Problem #3: AT&T Samsung Galaxy S6 getting poor signal

Hi. I’ve had my S6 about 3 weeks now, and have had nothing but problems. I get 1 signal bar if any and sporadic 4G. I’ve spoken repeatedly to tech support, and they’ve tried to help but have been unsuccessful. They sent text messages to test the phone, which they say is fine, and works properly. They sent my case to their “network people” who say the network is ok too. I called tech support again yesterday,  and they had me do a master reset in hopes that the problem will be resolved by that. Still no luck, and no idea what to do next. I didn’t mention it yet, but my carrier is AT&T. Please help!! — Christian

Solution: Hi Christian. As much as we would like to help you, the only party that can truly resolve the problem is your service provider. If you are located where signal coverage of your current service provider is poor, you may want to consider switching to another service if possible. Doing all sorts of phone-specific troubleshooting will not actually address the issue because the problem is networking in nature. A good way to confirm this though is by checking how another phone works when you insert the current SIM card you have to it. If the service remains the same, that’s a good confirmation that you cannot expect good service if you stay with your current carrier.

Problem #4: Samsung Galaxy S6 keeps on saying to connect to Wi-Fi even if already connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot

My phone is constantly asking me to connect to Wi-Fi  even when I am on Wi-Fi at home or at work. It is annoying. It is always interrupting what I am doing on the phone. I find myself also having to turn the phone on and off to make a phone call. It so bad I thinking about switching to an iPhone instead of an S6. — Derek

Solution: Hi Derek. There may an on-going firmware issue on your device. First, try to isolate if the message is being triggered by a third party app. Boot the phone in Safe Mode and observe it for a few hours. If you cannot replicate the issue while in diagnostic or safe mode, that should tell you to start purging some of the apps you have.

The second best thing that you can do is to delete the phone’s cache partition. This will not only try to address the main issue but will also possibly prevent other problems from manifesting in the near future. What this process does is erase the set of cache or files being used by the device to load applications faster. Sometimes, cache gets corrupted so doing this regularly can help the phone work optimally.

The last but not the least is factory reset. You may already have an idea what this means. It basically restores the phone’s firmware to its original state so it’s should fix the issue easily.

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  1. I bought a new S6 a few weeks ago. It worked great at first, but a couple of troubling bugs have started showing up. One is WiFi drops, which has already been addressed here, but I also have data drops when I leave WiFi. My phone shows a 4G signal, but no data is passing through. For example, I open Maps and can see my location but I can’t connect to the network to search for addresses, businesses, etc. The same is true for e-mail, internet, and all data-connected apps. If I restart my phone the problem is fixed, but there should be a better way to get the phone to just work properly. I have seen many others report the same issue, but I have yet to find a solution. Help!

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