Solutions for Samsung Galaxy S6 Data, Wi-Fi Connection Problems [Part 1]


As we collate the continuous stream of requests for assistance from our readers who have Samsung Galaxy S6, we realize that a significant number of them are dealing with connection problems. This post is therefore created in response to the rising numbers of connectivity-related problems. We hope that this troubleshooter series can provide enough solutions for Samsung Galaxy S6 data, wi-fi connection problems. Below are the first four cases we have come across so far.

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Problem #1: Sprint Samsung Galaxy S6 Wi-Fi connection keeps on switching back on

I have a Galaxy S6 running on Sprint in Salem, Virginia. I have been having some issues with the Wi-Fi. When I’m connected to my home Wi-Fi it stays connected no problem. When I leave my house I will turn the Wi-Fi off on my phone and throughout the day it will constantly turn itself back on no matter whether I turn it off from the notification bar of go into the settings menu and do it that way. I thought it was the Sprint connections optimizer at first but I have the connections optimizer disabled and it’s still doing it. Sprint hasn’t been any help as far as it goes. Do you know of any reason it’s doing it? — Joshua

Solution: Hi Joshua. Third party apps can sometimes force the phone to switch Wi-Fi or data connection back on. This is true if you have dubious apps installed so if you want to confirm this, boot the phone in safe mode while you are outside your home network. If you installed an app prior to noticing this problem, you can uninstall it to see if it makes any difference. Otherwise, this problem leaves you without other solutions than perform a factory reset.

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For more troubleshooting steps including the steps to boot in Safe Mode, clear the phone’s cache partition, and perform a factory reset, you can use our tutorials page here.

Problem #2: Which is better: Samsung Galaxy S6 or Apple products?

Dear DroidGuy. So my wife and I have had iPhones for the last two years and we enjoy them. But it is time for an upgrade as we both have the iPhone 5 and the sixes are out. And considering a change, we were looking at the Samsung it’s a beautifully constructed phone very similar to the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5 S in construction.

I have been reading your blogs on problems people are having with the S6 so here’s my question. With all the issues that seem to be going on with the S6 is it a phone worth getting? I am a truck driver, I travel up and down the East Coast, and I need my phone to work!!! I don’t need to have a phone that has issues with Bluetooth, with data connectivity, loss of emails etc. Do you put your stamp of approval on the S6 or should I just stick with Apple? —  CjCouture

Solution:  Hi CjCouture. We hope we do not dissuade you from picking Samsung’s S6 via our previous posts. If you have been reading online literature about Galaxy S6, it’s understandable that a lot of people may find the new flagship of Samsung problematic. There seems to an unfair number of forums and blogs dealing with problems on this phone (TheDroidGuy included) rather than its advantages over the competition. Frankly, the number of people flocking online to complain about the S6’s problems may not do justice to this vaunted phone at all if we consider that about 6 million of this device have been sold around the world since its release only last April. To be fair, majority of the issues being discussed are not hardware-related at all but are coming from the problematic Android Lollipop firmware. Hardware-wise, a Samsung Galaxy S6 can give Apple’s iPhone 6 a good run for its money.

If you will be one of the unlucky users to encounter problems with an S6 in the future, they will most likely come from Android Lollipop operating system, other apps, or network problems originating from your selected carrier.

Problem #3: Samsung Galaxy S6 does not automatically connect to another available network unless Wi-Fi is manually restarted

Hello. Shortly after my phone upgraded itself to Android v 5.0.1 (Lollipop), it began to constantly lose connection with my home Wi-Fi network. This happens several times per day; even several times per hour. It worked fine the previous 2 years, until the day of the upgrade.  Initially I tried rebooting it, which had no effect. Then I tried turning on “Smart Switch Network” (it was off by default), which didn’t work, so I turned it back off.  The phone doesn’t automatically switch to 4G when it loses the network connection. It just won’t connect to anything anymore until I manually turn Wi-Fi off, then back on.  If it matters, my cell provider is AT&T, my internet is Comcast, and my wireless router is a Cisco Linksys E4200. 

Any tips appreciated! Thank you. — Daniel

Solution: Hi Daniel. If this issue started happening right after updating to Lollipop, the reason for it may either be a third party app or a glitch in the firmware itself. To rule out a possible third party issue, boot the phone in Safe Mode and observe the device for a few hours. If the issue remains even when in safe mode, try to delete the phone’s cache partition. If the problem continues to plague the phone though, you may have to eventually do a factory reset.

Problem #4: Samsung Galaxy S6 showing “504” error  when attempting to connect to the internet

Good afternoon. I have had my Galaxy S6 for about a month now and for the last 2 weeks I have been experiencing a total loss of Network. I am aware that there are not enough 4G towers in South Africa as mentioned by Samsung, they switched the network to 3G. We thought the problem was sorted, to no avail.

There is more than enough Data on my phone to accommodate usage. It comes up with a “504” error when I go onto the Internet. I have to refresh up to 9 times before it eventually goes into the site, but loses network again after I click on something. My banking app also shows no connection as well as my Google Play Store. My e-mails are coming though and I have no problems with WhatsApp Messenger. I can go onto Samsung Apps with no difficulty. I am about to throw this phone off a 5 story building. Please help. Very Frustrated. Kind regards. — Carina

Solution:  Hi Carina. The “504” error code is not unique to your Samsung S6. It’s a generic connectivity-related code that will appear to any client, like your phone, when it tries to establish a connection to a remote server. What basically happens when this code appears is that a remote server fails to receive timely response from another server it is talking to. The error is also displayed when a server is down or unresponsive. This is, most of the time, a server-side issue although it can also occur if a device like your phone will be unable to maintain a stable connection to, say Google Play Store server, or any other remote server via your browser or app.

In your case, the problem may be due to weak cellular signal or latency. We suggest that you work with your service provider on fixing a possible network, signal, or coverage issues. If you are in an area with poor cellular signal, this might very well be the reason for the error.

On your end, you can try to make sure that your phone does not have any underlying software problems by deleing the phone’s cache partition and doing a factory reset. These procedures rule out possible firmware problems on your phone before you talk to your service provider.

A good indicator though for a possible network-related cause of the problem is when other smartphones or wireless devices using the same provider encounter the same 504 error. If you have another smartphone, try to insert your SIM card in that device and log in to your account so you can replicate the problem.

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6 Replies to “Solutions for Samsung Galaxy S6 Data, Wi-Fi Connection Problems [Part 1]”

  1. I’ve had my new S6 for 5 days and at work I can not connect to the wireless without error messages , poor connection etc . Also I get alot of 1x connection symbols , which result in not being able to make calls or use the connect to the internet via the phone . Verizon gave me a new Sim Card , they have instructed do this do that and no help . My old LG works fantastically at work and while I’m driving down the road. This POS is going back and I’ll give the Iphone 6 a try . Same on Samsung for putting this out when it obviously wasn’t ready

  2. My new S6 Edge+ will connect to any wifi network except my home network. It acquires and IP address but does not go to the internet. I have tried to reboot the router to no avail. I included the phone’s MAC address in the allowed list of MAC addresses on the router, but that does not work either.
    Any ideas?

  3. MOVE YOUR ROUTER! I had this issue too. I upgraded from S5 to S6 and could barely use wifi at home with S6. I scoured the Internet and tried everything even a factory reset. Nothing worked. I then read about improving wifi. I moved my comcast router from the shelf under my TV to a bookcase higher beside it. That did the trick. The S6 is working great now. I wish it wasn’t so finicky about the wifi though. I love the S6 but one advantage the S5 has is that it wasn’t so as touchy when it came to wifi connection.

  4. I have an S6 and an LG G4. The S6 will connect to my Wi-Fi network but no data will come through; once in a while it’ll work but then nothing. My LG G4 connects and never has any issues with data over the same Wi-Fi network.

    What’s different in the S6 that would cause data issues over Wi-Fi?

  5. Hi There, I have the Samsung S6. I tried to connect to the wifi here at work and have had I.T look at why it is not connecting. There are no issues on there end and have concluded that it is my phone. The message that appares when I try to connect is:Incorrect pass, and Authentication error.
    I have tried the following:
    >Changed my password
    >Reboot my phone
    >Forget the wifi name
    >Had someone else who can connect to the wifi off there phone enter in there details on my phone and still not work.
    Nothing seems to work to connect, there are no errors with my password. Please let me know if there is a setting that may be preventing the connection. Hope there is a solution!

  6. Hello, I just bought a new S6 edge and my WiFi keeps dropping out. I have to constantly toggle WiFi on & off. Had anyone figured out a solution to this? How to fix it? It’s very annoying to see this popping up every 15-20 seconds…Thank you

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