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Solutions for Samsung Galaxy S5 “Unfortunately, contacts has stopped” error [Part 2]

We are on our second post for this troubleshooting series. It is an understatement to call the issue annoying because it can easily get on anyone’s nerves if the error pops up when you’re doing something tricky. We understand your frustration so here are the solutions for Samsung Galaxy S5 “Unfortunately, contacts has stopped” error. Most of the solutions provided here are standard ones and can be found quite easily on the Web though in this particular post, we also cover a few unrelated problems.



Problem #1: Samsung Galaxy S5 deletes profile contact every time it is rebooted

Hi. I was wondering if you could help me with my problem. My Galaxy S5 deletes my profile contact every time I reboot the phone. When I reboot the phone and go to my contacts app, where I should see my profile contact, I see “set up my profile” button and I have to set it up again and it is annoying. Other than that the phone works fine.

I do have another question. My locking animation seems to be absent. It should lock with an animation that goes to black and white and off. Can you help me return this animation or understand why it’s absent? Thank you. — Michael

Solution: Hi Michael. The error you are getting normally shows up if there’s a problem with the device’s contact app, or if you failed to set up your user account correctly. To determine if it’s an app issue, you must these things first:

  • Make sure you create a backup copy of all your contacts.
  • Delete the app’s cache and observe. If the error does not return after doing this step, that means that a corrupted cache was causing it. If the issue persists, continue to the next step.
  • Delete the app’s data. This is tantamount to re-installing the app, which means you are basically deleting everything associated with it, including your contacts. This will prompt you to re-enter your contacts again afterwards so make sure you have created a backup of all your contacts. We suggest that you save your contacts to your SIM card first. After deleting the cache, you can import your contacts again to the new app. To know how to import your SIM contacts to your S5, just follow this link.

If there’s no issue with the app, try to set up your user account again and see if it works.

Problem #2: When “Unfortunately car mode has stopped” message shows up on Samsung Galaxy S5 messages get deleted

Hello. My Samsung Galaxy S5 keeps popping up randomly with a message saying “Unfortunately contact has stopped” and when this happens I have no contacts. Then a message saying “Unfortunately car mode has stopped” comes up. However I have never set up car mode, and this message then leads to all my text messages being removed.

If I restart my phone it all comes back however, these messages only appeared and starting causing issues when I had a software update. Any ideas? Thanks. — Clare

Solution: Hi Clare. We can’t see the connection between these two error messages so reason may be firmware in nature. Kindly do a factory reset and see how it goes.


See related article on how to restore a Samsung Galaxy S5 to its factory defaults


Problem #3: “Unfortunately, contacts has stopped working” error started popping up after updating Galaxy S5 to Android Lollipop

Since Lollipop update I randomly get an error message that says “Unfortunately, contacts has stopped working” nearly every day. Yet there does not seems to be any real problem. What’s up dog!? Thanks. — Daniel

Ever since the latest S5 update, I keep getting the error message “Sorry, contacts has stopped”. Never saw this before the update. — Doug

Solution: Hi Daniel and Doug. Just like most of similar issues in this troubleshooter series, deleting the cache and data of the phone’s contact app is indispensable. If nothing works, you can then delete the cache partition then proceed to performing a factory reset.


Problem #4: Lollipop update fixed “Contacts had stopped working” error message on Samsung Galaxy S5

I’ve done the major system update and, most lately, the newest update. The new update fixed one problem I was having, which was a pop-up saying that “Contacts had stopped working”. What I’ve had for the past few days is a problem accessing certain websites, mainly Yahoo and Wikipedia.

I’ve got these as shortcuts on my Homepage and also as Bookmarks.  What happens is that sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t.  I can’t even access Bookmarks sometimes, through Chrome (I get the Bookmarks screen, but the page is blank).  If I keep trying, eventually the site pops up. I use these sites a lot and have had no trouble until now.  I’ve even deleted the old shortcut and reinstalled Yahoo and Wikipedia, several times, but it doesn’t help.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. — Frances


Solution: Hi Frances. Telling us that Android Lollipop update resolved “Contacts had stopped working” error is a bit surprising for us. As you have probable noticed, some of the problems mentioned in this post are saying that Lollipop messed up their phone by constantly showing a similar error. Yours is obviously the opposite as far as this error is concerned.

Unfortunately, the update did mess up your phone somehow. Are you using the stock internet browser in your phone or third party ones like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc? Whatever browser you are using to access your favorite sites, please visit this tutorial page on how to delete your browser cache and history.

If that won’t fix the problem, you can also delete the app’s cache and data.


Problem: #5: Unable to add contacts in WhatsApp Galaxy S5

Hello. I’ve had my Samsung Galaxy S5 for two months now. I’m living between two countries, so when I came back to the UK a couple of days ago and I changed my SIM card, although I still had all my contacts saved, none of their names are displayed on WhatsApp. So I started saving the contacts again from WhatsApp and at some point I couldn’t do it anymore, and I get an error message “unable to save contact” every time I try. I have even tried deleting one of the contacts from the contact list on the phone and tried saving it manually, and I still get the same error message.

Hope you can help. Thanks.  — Laura


Solution: Hi Laura. Does the contacts you are trying to save in WhatsApp have the WhatsApp installed on their phone? It’s a known issue that sometimes the app will not recognize contacts if they are not found in their database.

Another thing to consider is to ensure that the numbers are saved in proper international format in your phone. To do that, make sure that a plus (+) sign precedes the full number like +14081234567 with 1 as the country code and 408 as the area code. You also want to make sure that there are no special calling codes in your saved contacts for this to work.

After checking everything, make sure that you press Refresh Favorites inside your WhatsApp app.


Problem #6: Samsung Galaxy S5 does not recognize contacts when using Car Mode app

Hi. I took you at your word that you like to help, and after hours of Googling, I can only find one mention of my problem with no one addressing it. Out of the blue, my S5 cannot recognize my contacts in car mode. I say, “call Jon.” And it says, “Jon not found in your contacts.” The pictures of the contacts are right there on the screen! If a call comes in, it takes it, and same with texts. It just can’t call anyone or text them without me touching the contact and sending that way. I have not updated anything that I know of.  I tried restarting, same problem. Have you even heard of this problem?

Thank you for your help. I use car mode constantly, and this is frustrating! I am about ready to just upgrade to the S6, though up until now I have been very happy with the S5. — Tina


Solution: Hi Tina. We tried to replicate the issue in one of our phones here and what you are trying to do works perfectly fine.  If you were able to do this before, the app may have received an update disabling or adding some features. Start by clearing the app’s cache and data. If that won’t work, go back to the app’s menu where you see the options to delete the app’s cache and data and tap on the Uninstall updates option.



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