Solutions for Samsung Galaxy S4 Boot Up, Battery, Power Problems [Part 1]

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Hello Guys! Welcome to our first post in this special troubleshooter series that provides solutions for Samsung Galaxy S4 boot up, battery, power problems. Among the issues we intend to cover in this series are:

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 not booting up,
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 booting up in Safe mode or recovery mode (not booting to normal mode),
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 battery-related issues,
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 shutting down randomly and,
  • Other power-related problems on a Samsung Galaxy S4.

If you have any problems similar to these issues above, don’t hesitate to share them to us so we can, in turn, post them here with a corresponding solution. Kindly use the email provided at the bottom of the page.


Problem #1: Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t power on after leaving Smart Switch on overnight

Hello. I’ve been checking your website and it’s troubleshoot page and tried everything I could but it’s not a problem that was meant or supposed to happen. I just left my phone charging over the night but when I woke up it was dead. Here’s what I did before it died if it helps: I got a new Galaxy S4 and use the Smart Switch app to transfer my data to my new phone, I did the transferring and when it was done I just left it and it kept notifying me with “turn off Wi-Fi direct when not in use or when phone screen asleep” I think that’s kind of what it said, I don’t remember if I turned off the Wi-Fi direct. I think I did but I fell asleep and when I woke up my phone was dead. I tried to boot it on recovery mode, booting it in safe mode, and even in Odin mode (Download Mode) but nothing worked. Is it hard bricked? Please I’m desperate, I have a lot of important data on it, I cannot lose this phone! I beg you please help me.

*Thanks for your help*. — Armando

Solution: Hi Armando. Start by checking if it’s a battery issue by leaving the phone charged for at least 10 minutes before attempting to turn it back on. If nothing happens, you also want try using another battery (if possible without buying a new one). If it’s not the battery, the phone is certainly bricked for some reason. Unfortunately, the only way to gain some form of access to your phone is either by booting it in Recovery mode or Odin mode (which are not working). Even Samsung technicians are limited to doing these steps only so we doubt if there’s any other work around that we are not aware of.

Please have a professional check the phone to see if they have other ways to gain access to your phone’s memory.

Problem #2: Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t power on because the Power button is broken

Help. I cannot turn on my Galaxy S4. Its power button is broken and every time I plug the USB cable in the phone, it goes to recovery mode and I cannot do anything but up and down because the power button doesn’t work. i don’t know what else i can do. Please help me. Thanks in advance.

PS: its booting to recovery 3e, Android 4.2.2 stock  — Alberto

Solution: Hi Alberto. If the power button is broken, you really have to find a solution to have it fixed one way or another (either by replacement or repair). Hopefully only the plastic case button is broken so try to remove the entire cover of the phone so will see the internal power button. Use it and see if it works that way.

You can check this video for a guide on how to remove the plastic case. Remember that doing the steps in this video may void the warranty of your device so make sure to check with Samsung or the relevant party first for any warranty coverage the phone may have at this point.

Problem #3: Samsung Galaxy S4 keeps on booting up in Safe Mode

Hi. I tried all of the methods in your post, but I have not been able to get my Samsung GS4 Mini start up normally (not in safe mode).

Kind and sincere regards. — James

Solution: Hi James. If all the steps in our previous post do not help in making your phone boot up normally, that suggests that the firmware may be messed up so bad that it won’t even respond to a factory reset. In this case, the only best thing that you can do is to get a phone replacement.

Problem #4: Samsung Galaxy S4 screen goes to sleep after 3 seconds

Hey DroidGuy. I’ve got an interesting issue with my Galaxy S4. After reading the Dripper article on encryption, I went and did that! Thanks! All was fine after that. However the time out was way too short so I went into the settings and changed it from 1 to 10 minutes.  About a day later the issue I will describe started.  Here we go.

When I power on the phone I get the stock keyboard and I enter the password. All is ok. The system loads fine. The power button is working as intended. However, when I wake the phone the lock screen comes up for about 3 seconds and then the phone goes right back to sleep. I’m running KitKat, un-rooted, with GoLocker. That’s really all the info I have. I’ve tried booting in Safe Mode and the issue persists.  I’m not sure what else can be done other than a factory reset, which I am loathe to do, unless it’s the last resort. I’m hoping you can help me here. Have yourself a great day! — J.M.

Solution: Hi J.M. Start by removing any recently installed apps (preferably those that were installed before the problem started) because they may be the ones to blame. Sometimes, Safe Mode fails to detect rogue apps so it will appear that there are no third party apps involved. If you have any apps that can manipulate display settings and the lock screen, uninstall them one by one. Make sure you observe the phone after removing an app.

If you can’t isolate the issue or app, please proceed to performing a factory reset.

Problem #5: Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t boot up after an update

Hello. My mum’s Samsung Galaxy S4 updated with no warning; now it will not turn on. I have tried charging, re-booting but still nothing will work. Please help me fix this problem as it is an essential item for my mother. — Ellie

Solution: Hi Ellie. Kindly check this post and do the suggested solutions.

Problem #6: Samsung Galaxy S4 keeps on shutting down after updating to Lollipop

Hi. My S4 is shutting down and the only way I can get it back is to remove the battery. I leave it on the charger when I am not using it. Once or twice a week when I try and turn the volume on the phone back on after having it off all night, the phone is dead.  A small blue light to the upper left of the Samsung screen label slowly blinks but no key combination will get the phone to light up.  I remove the battery for 20 seconds and the phone boots up just fine. The same situation has arisen while using the phone. I will be in the middle of a conversation and the phone just shuts down. To get it back up I have to remove the battery and then put it back in.  The last time this occurred the phone was at 93% power.  

I attributed the problem to the Lollipop upgrade which apparently was earlier this  month for my phone.  I went in and disabled a bunch of aps, uninstalled some and still had the problem. I spent an hour on the phone with a Verizon tech and he had me enable all of the aps I had disabled.  He said that made my phone unstable. He then had me remove the battery for 30 seconds. That worked for 24 hours. The next day it shut down while I was using it. I am leery of doing a factory reset but I think I have  everything backed up. I have not seen this particular problem on any of the forums. One suggested problems come from a bad battery and suggested seeing if my battery was bulging. I do not see any bulging in the battery.  

I am running Battery Doctor and CM Security. I added Battery Doctor when the phone was running hot and whatever it did, seemed to solve that problem but that was months ago. 

I sit  here humbled in frustration as I perceive myself somewhat computer literate and apparently phone illiterate.  

Any help besides jumping up and down on the phone would be greatly appreciated. — Bill

Solution: Hi Bill. It’s really good if you start isolating the root cause by checking the battery. A bad battery does not always show deformation. There’s a chance that it may have lost significant capacity overtime causing the phone to suddenly lose power. Try using another battery and see how that goes.

Assuming that the battery is good, another potential problem may lie on the firmware. You mentioned the issue only started happening after you updated to Lollipop. Here are the things that you can do in this case:

  • Delete the cache partition.
  • Boot the phone in Safe Mode to check if there are problematic third party apps causing the problem.
  • Uninstall third party apps. You have to do this one by one until the problem is gone. Ensure you give the phone enough time to replicate the issue.
  • Perform a factory reset.

These are the only potential solutions that we can do as end users. If nothing works, consider getting a replacement.

Problem #7: Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t boot up normally, only boots to recovery mode

Not so sure if these pics helps. Galaxy s4 goes to this screen when rebooting and won’t boot. It is the option screen for various reboot options including factory reset. I received a pic and the phone would not open it, My go to problem solver is to reboot, when I chose reboot it went to this screen. The first selection on the options is to reboot. When I do it goes back to this screen.  I even pulled the battery overnight-same thing this morn. Hope you can help. — Penny

Solution: Hi Penny. Your phone is booting to recovery mode only. Try the steps we provided in this post and let us know if any of them work.



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