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Solutions for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Wi-Fi or Mobile Data Connectivity Problems [Part 1]

Hello Guys! Our post for today covers connectivity problems encountered by some of our readers. We have 9 issues here that tackles problems ranging from mobile data troubles to Wi-Fi issues after updating to Lollipop. We hope that the corresponding solutions for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 wi-fi or mobile data connectivity problems can help you. If your issue is not covered in this post, kindly send us an email via the link provided below so we can publish them in the next posts.

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Problem #1: Some apps like Google Play Store, email, and browser won’t connect to the internet

Hi. As mentioned, my phone is connected to Wi-Fi. It can access all social media such Facebook, Messenger, Viber, etc.  The problem is I cannot connect with my emails, Google Play Store or even search in the net. Can you please help me what is the problem in my phone. Thank you.  — Jun

Solution: Hi Jun. Please try clearing the phone’s cache partition first. You may also want to delete the cache and data of each of the problematic apps and try again. A problem like this usually happens after a major operating system update or app update.

Problem #2: Note 3 loses network connectivity for 15 minutes regularly in a day

Hello. April 24th I upgraded to Lollipop. Before then I did not have a problem.  Now I do.

For the past year, I’ve worked in an office building that has VERY SPOTTY network access. I do have Wi-Fi, but not Verizon Network Access. When I leave work, my network connectivity would start working again as soon as I left the building. I would use WAZE navigation going home every day, so I am confident I had network connectivity. 

After Lollipop WAZE didn’t work , no access to routing server, until I drove for about 15 minutes away from the office building. I just figured it was a WAZE issue with the new Lollipop update. Recently I tried making a call…no network connectivity…same with my app Hangouts. Big banner tells me no network connectivity. My colleagues driving the same commute and uses Verizon as well has no issues with network connectivity.

Verizon has replaced my SIM Card, still no difference.

I’ll power off my phone and back on…same thing. No network connectivity for about 15 minutes, regardless of what route I take home.  I don’t believe it’s a network issue, it’s my phone. After about 15 minutes, I start receiving texts, GPS works again, WAZE works again and I can make phone calls. What can I do?

Thank you!– Nancy

Solution: Hi Nancy. If this problem happens every day with the same pattern, there must be something that triggers your device to turn off its connectivity functions automatically. We know of some apps that can do this like Timed Toggles (Auto Airplane) and Profile Scheduler. Try to go over your list of apps and see if you have anything similar. You can also experiment by booting up your phone in Safe Mode before you leave at work to observe if the problem remains.

Problem #3: Note 3 only receives Edge signal and not HSPA or HSPA+

Hey Dude. Sorry to bother you. I just found that you deal with Note 3 problems through Google. I need help for my Note 3. My Note 3 can only receive Edge signal since a few days ago, and it’s bothering me since my SIM card internet connection can only be received through HSPA or HSPA+. My Note 3 OS is Lollipop.  I hope you can help. — Justin

Solution: Hi Justin. The only thing that you can do as a user is to ensure that you have manually checked and selected the correct network mode. The rest of the support should come from your service provider. To check network mode, kindly do the following steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Connections.
  • Tap More networks.
  • Tap Mobile networks.
  • Tap Network mode and select your preferred network.

If your device will continue receiving Edge signal only, please call your carrier as there might be an on-going problem in the area.

Problem #4: Note 3 stops connecting to the internet, has slow internet connection after Lollipop update

I am on SPRINT and my service, while not being AWESOME, it was still acceptable. I  could view movies and scroll through my Facebook without too many glitches. 

After the Lollipop upgrade it’s horrible! I can sometimes see a picture here and there. Movies are out of the question!  I’ve contacted Sprint and they have checked all the towers in my area and it isn’t in their end. I’ve been seeing that the Galaxy has sometimes had issues with the Lollipop upgrade. I believe that may be what I’m experiencing. Is there something I can do to help my phone connect better to the internet. I only have this as a phone and do not have Wi-Fi at home. It connects to Wi-Fi at the library just fine and doesn’t have this problem there.

Some things that I’ve tried :

  • cleaning the cache.
  • ##72786#, then updating my profile and PRL.
  • They had my download Speed test by Ookla  and the results vary. Sometimes it won’t connect to finish the test.

I will attach a screen print of one test. — Mrs Williams

Solution: Based on the screenshot you sent us, the problem may be found in your network itself. The two results from May shows extremely low download speed values. With those figures, we won’t be surprised if your Note 3 would fail to even open a webpage. The June test result should be more than enough to allow you to use your Social network sites and chat tools like Messenger or Viber without any palpable network issue. While inconclusive, the three partial test results are indications of an intermittent network connection to your device. If the issues started happening after downloading Android Lollipop update, that may be coincidence.

If you think the update messed up the phone though, consider deleting the phone’s cache partition and performing a factory reset.

Problem #5: Note 3 won’t switch to 3G network mode

Hi, I like your articles about Samsung Note 3 problems solution. I’m here seeking help for the same. I bought Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900 AT&T.  Everything seems to work fine except for one strange problem. When I insert  SIM card I can use 2G network only,  but when I set the network settings to 3G (WCDMA only) then my network disappears. I have activated 3G service on this SIM and when I insert it in another Android phones, 3G service runs smoothly. I have checked it in KitKat and now updated to Lollipop as well. Please I have no other way but to seek your help. Please reply soon. Thank you. — Virgo

Solution: Hi Virgo. This problem is similar to what Justin (above) is experiencing. Kindly ensure that you have manually changed the correct network mode and try again. Otherwise, please contact your carrier and let them handle the situation. You also want to make sure that there are no billing-related issues affecting your account. Your carrier may eventually ask you to perform a factory reset so you can also try to do that first before you contact them.

Problem #6: Note 3 won’t connect to the internet when connected to Wi-Fi

When my phone is connected to any Wi-Fi network, it will act like it is not receiving data form the network. This will cause it to seem like i don’t have internet access from the network when i do. When i turn off Wi-Fi and use my data the phone works just fine. This just started happening after i updated my phone. — Jamison

Solution: Hi Jamison. If this problem started after updating to Lollipop, kindly do the standard solutions like clearing the cache partition, booting the phone in Safe Mode, and performing a factory reset.

You can also experiment if the auto network switch is causing this problem. To turn it off, simply go to Settings and look for it under Wi-Fi sub-settings.

Problem #7: Note 3 showing “Get Google Play Services. This app won’t run without Google Play Services” error after an update

Hi! I just had a system update with my Samsung Note 3 phone.

After a while, half of my downloaded apps were missing and I can’t even open my Play Store and Gmail. A prompt appears and says “Get Google Play Services. This app won’t run without Google Play Services”. I tried to press the “Get Google Play Services” icon but won’t connect. I also tried to uninstall update from settings but still not working. Please help.

Thank you. — Van

Solution: Hi Van. “Get Google Play Services. This app won’t run without Google Play Services” error comes up as a result of rooting your phone. If your phone is not rooted but continues to show this error, restoring the factory settings would fix it.

Problem #8: Note 3 won’t connect to mobile network after disconnecting from Wi-Fi

Hi. My issue is, after I disconnect my Note 3 off the Wi-Fi connection at work it will not find my service provider (Verizon) until after I restart my phone. It’s getting really old quick. Can you please tell me how to fix this. It used to not happened before. But now it’s every time. — EhRuiz

Solution: Hi EhRuiz. Disable the auto network switch under Settings>Wi-Fi and see how it goes. If that won’t do it, a third party application may be the cause. Boot the phone in Safe Mode and observe the phone. If the issue won’t happen in safe mode, that means that it’s definitely some problematic app/s causing this trouble. Try uninstalling third party apps until the problem is fixed.

Problem #9: Note 3 won’t connect to the internet via Wi-Fi after Lollipop update

Hey guys. I updated my Verizon Note 3 to Lollipop a couple weeks ago and recently my Wi-Fi connection does not allow my phone to have internet access.  My 4G works perfectly but any time I connect my phone to a Wi-Fi network and it shows “connected” my phone says it has no internet connection and cannot load any web browser,  games, or anything else requiring data.  I was wondering if you have any idea what’s causing this or how to fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! — Kenny

Solution: Hi Kenny. Start by verifying if other devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network are having problems connecting too to determine if the problem is network-related. Provided that your Wi-Fi is okay, try to restart your Note 3 before doing any troubleshooting. After that, under Wi-Fi settings, force the phone to disconnect by selecting Forget Network. Try to connect to Wi-Fi again and attempt to browse the web using your browser. If the problem remains, double check if you have enabled Power Saving Mode under Settings.. When turned on, power saving mode will prevent other functions like Wi-Fi connectivity to function to save battery power.

If that won’t work still, delete the phone’s cache partition.

Finally, if all else fail, perform a total wipe (factory reset).



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