Solutions for Commonly Encountered HTC One M9 Problems [Part 1]


Hi Guys! Welcome to our special post for some of the common problems HTC One M9 users experience with this amazing device. While not as popular as Samsung’s Galaxy flagship series, HTC’s M9 is undeniably a great phone in its own right. With its powerful hardware and terrific overall look, an HTC M9 can give other rivals a good run for their money. But just like any smartphone today, it’s not a perfect system. This post is created to create awareness of the solutions for commonly encountered HTC One M9 problems. If your problem is not covered in this article, kindly send us an email detailing your issue so we can assist you in our next posts.

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Problem #1: HTC One M9 Swipe to Unlock motion gesture keeps turning on by itself

Hello. I recently saw one of your article offering advice to owners of the M9 and I was hoping you could help me as well.

I dislike the motion launch features and decided to disable all of them; however, one keeps activating by itself — the swipe up to unlock. Every single day I have to go into settings and disable this, and only this gesture, as the other ones do not re-enable by themselves.

Do you have any solution for this problem or at least any idea why it might be happening? It’s really frustrating that I can’t turn this feature off permanently.

Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to offer.

Best. — Joe

Solution: Hi Joe. Swipe Up to Unlock is a core feature of your M9 so there’s no permanent way to disable it. However, once you have selected to temporarily turn it off, it should stay as such and not reset back to stock configuration like what you are experiencing right now. We tried this feature on our end and it remains off for over a day now so you may have a unique issue in your phone.

Try to follow these potential solutions below to resolve the problem.

Boot the HTC One M9 to Safe Mode

Third party applications can sometimes affect some functionalities of your phone. If you suspect that an installed app may be causing a problem, power up the phone in Safe Mode and observe it for a few hours. Here’s how:

  • Turn off the phone via the Power menu by pressing and holding the Power button.
  • Tap Power Off option.
  • Wait for the Reboot to Safe Mode window appears.
  • Tap on Restart option and wait for the device to reboot.

Delete the cache partition

Some apps may not work properly because of corrupted or damaged cache. Deleting the phone’s cache partition will easily resolve the problem for you. Just follow these easy steps on how to do it:

  • Turn the phone off by pressing and holding the Power button.
  • Press and hold the Volume Down button.
  • Press and release the Power button to turn your phone back but continue holding the Volume Down key.
  • Let go of the Volume Down button once you see the black screen with red text.
  • Using the Volume Down key, highlight reboot to bootloader.
  • Press the Power button to select reboot to bootloader.
  • Once the bootloader screen is displayed, press the Volume Down button to go to BOOT TO RECOVERY MODE.
  • Once the recovery screen appears, highlight wipe cache partition and select it.
  • After deleting the cache, press the Power button again to select reboot system now.

Perform a factory reset

Also known as hard reset or master reset, factory reset is best performed when you encounter a persistent problem like the one you have right now. This procedure forces the phone to delete all personal data and revert its system to defaults. To do it, just follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Backup & reset.
  • Tap Reset phone.

Problem #2: How to move messages to secure box in HTC One M9

Hello. I have the new HTC M9 and it is supposed to have some of the same features as my HTC One, but it doesn’t.  One example is the secure and blocked text messages boxes. It doesn’t give you the option to move messages anywhere. I have attached photos of the only menu options that are available.

The Location Services will not allow me to erase the history as it’s supposed to do as well.

Also, the list of apps includes Facebook, but the app won’t open, but it’s using data.  There are additional apps that do not appear to be working, so I would like to know how to correct these issues. I’ve updated and reset the phone to try and find these options and hesitate on fully using the phone in case I have to reset the phone.

If there is a way to have the HTC M9 actually perform the functions that it’s supposed to do I would love to know how to fix it. Thank you. — K

Solutions: Hi K. Let’s answer your concerns individually.

Moving messages to secure box

There are two things that you need to do first before you can move your messages to a secure box:

  • Create a password for the secure box, and
  • Ensure that the messages you are moving are not stored in a secondary storage device like an SD card. Once you have met both of these conditions, go to the message you want to move and tap the options icon (a line composed of three dots).
  • Tap Move to secure box.
  • Select the messages and tap Move.

How to delete history in Location Services

You can only delete the history in location services if you enabled it in the first place. Are you getting an error message when trying to delete it? We don’t know how to help you with this as we don’t know where to start.

The general way of deleting Location history from an Android device is by going to Settings>Location>Google Location History. If you don’t have this option in the first place, try to access location history in your PC at Make sure you are signed in to the same Google account you are using in your mobile.

Some apps not working

If there are more than two apps that are not working normally, you probably get a corrupted firmware. Kindly delete the phone’s cache partition and perform a factory reset if necessary.

Problem #3: HTC One M9 is slow, sluggish, unresponsive

HTC One M9

Android version = 5.0.2

HTC Sense version 7.0

Software number = 1.32.531.33

 I had an M8, as well as it’s predecessor, and I am a big HTC fan, overall.  However, my current phone, the M9, is very sluggish at times, across multiple functions.  

First, I have the protective case with the built-in, flip-front screen cover, which “wakes up” the phone when opened.  Often when I flip the screen back, there is a full second delay before the screen wakes up. Maybe I’m being nitpicky here, but that seems substantial for a quad core phone, and it’s not something I am used to with the earlier versions of One phones.

Second on my list of problems is while texting, upon pushing the “+” symbol, which initiates a new text and allows me to select a recipient, there is a 1 to 2 second delay before a list of possible recipient matches will populate. That is pretty frustrating.

These are the main two issues I am currently dealing with.  I have checked for available updates, and have not found any.  If you have any suggestions for me, I would greatly appreciate the help! Thank you. — Mike

Solution: Hi Mike. Has your phone been like this when you first use it? If yes, you may be looking at a bad phone here. However, if these issues happened after updating Android, we recommend that you clear the phone’s cache partition and observe it for at least a day. Deleting the phone’s cache partition will the device to generate a new cache for all apps. This procedure often resolves poor performance.

If that won’t help resolve the problem, consider booting the phone in Safe Mode and observe it again for a few hours. Because no third party apps will run while in diagnostic mode (safe mode), this is a useful troubleshooting step to isolate the issue to either third party apps or operating system.

If you can’t identify the cause, consider doing a master reset.

Problem #4: HTC One M9 keeps getting redirected to Google Play Store


Problem 1. Since I got the phone it seems to randomly divert me to Google Play Store. It takes me directly into games it seems and it seems to different every time. I have Kaspersky and AVG running with no threats and it still happens. I have cleared the cache and opted out of all ads etc and it seems to be better but still happens from time to time.

Problem 2. I got a new software update yesterday and my messaging app keeps kicking me out and saving my message as draft or if I’m reading it takes me to the conversation screen…Grrrrrrr.


PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks. — Scott

Solution: Hi Scott. Google does not force anyone to open its Play Store and look at random games there so this clearly an abnormal situation. Your phone is most likely infected with an adware or a form of malware that redirects some of its functions to an app in the Play Store. Try booting the phone in Safe Mode and uninstall third party apps one by one until the issue is eliminated. If that sounds like a hassle, simply wipe the phone off via master reset and you should be good. Doing a factory reset will also resolve the second issue for sure.

And be careful with apps you install in your phone next time. Download only reputable apps. If, after doing a factory reset, the same set of apps will be installed in your phone there’s a chance that you may get the same malware as before.

Problem #5: Fitbit app not recognizing HTC One M9

Hey, love your posts. I get them through Drippler which is a super handy app to have. Anyway, I have had the M7, M8, and now the M9 and am wondering why the M9 doesn’t track your steps anymore. The M7 and M8 were both compatible with Fitbit. Now the M9 is not a recognized device on the app anymore. Was there a falling out between them and Fitbit? Just wondering if maybe I have a setting turned off or something. Any answers would be nice. Thanks. — Jason

Solution: Hi Jason. If you have been using the Fitbit app in your old M7 and M8 phones, make sure that you don’t simply carry over the app’s settings to your M9 as this would create a conflict. Open the Fitbit app again and make sure that it recognize your M9 as a “device”. You don’t want the app to think you’re using two devices to track your steps.

Problem #6: HTC One M9 keeps on showing “Unfortunately Snapchat has stopped working” error when opening Snapchat

Hi there. I have been using Snapchat on a Huawei P8 with no problems. Exactly one week ago i swopped to an LG G4. Every time i open Snapchat within a few seconds i am greeted with the “Unfortunately Snapchat has stopped working” message.

I cleared the cache in App Settings and the app data. I have reinstalled the app countless times with no luck.

Tonight i moved to an HTC One M9 and I am receiving the exact same message again. Cleared the cache is all settings, restarted the phone, reinstalled the app… All to no avail.

Within a few seconds of opening Snapchat i am greeted by the same message. Can you assist please? — Sam

Solution: Hi Sam. Do you have the same set of third party apps in all three phones? If you have, kindly perform a factory reset and install Snapchat afterwards. It is important that you install Snapchat first before anything else so you can try how it works without the other apps in the system. We cannot help you pinpoint the exact offending app but doing this will give you an idea where to start. If Snapchat works without the other apps, you can install the rest individually. Make sure to observe how Snapchat works after installing an app so you can isolate the possible offending app.




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