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Samsung Galaxy S6 travels to the edge of outer space and lives to tell the tale

Galaxy S6 Space

Case maker Slickwraps managed to send the Samsung Galaxy S6 into the edge of outer space, to test out its true durability. This is the sort of thing that a regular user wouldn’t go through, so it was a bit of an experimental mission. Several cameras were used for this and there’s even a video which shows the handset almost exiting the orbit. The smartphone reached a total altitude of 122,264 feet or 37,266 meters.

In order to market the launch, the company used their proprietary bamboo cover on the smartphone. The smartphone traveled a total of 233 kilometers where it even reached speeds of nearly 110 miles per hour. Another feat for the device is that it managed to turn on as usual while during a weather of -54 degree celsius.

On return, the Galaxy S6 was revealed to be relatively unharmed, deeming the mission a success. While this will serve as decent PR for the case maker, there’s no denying that some points will be scored by Samsung as well.

Source: YouTube

Via: Sam Mobile

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