3 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Fix For Boot Up, Battery, Power Problems [Part 2]”

  1. Download wakelock from the play store and put it to the 4th setting “partial wake” that solved my problem of random reboots.

  2. i have a note 2 and updated it to the latest firmware…the problem i started experiencing a week back was that it keeps rebooting on its own..and does not start until and unless it is connected to a charger..
    yesterday the problem which i experienced was that it keeps on rebooting itself even when connected to a charger..
    i tried a factory reset and also cleared thedalvik cache..
    then i tried using a custom recovery (twrp) and a custom rom but the problem still persists…
    i tried using different batteries and even removed the sd card but the problem still remains…
    need help on this plz

  3. hello Droid Guy i have just bought a note 4 it was working smoothly i thought i would buy it a new battery because the one that i bought it with was worked up the problem is sometimes when i clic on a ntification it shuts down immediately and it won t start until i took off the battery an put it on . is it possible that the battery don t fit knowing that it s writhing that this kind of battery is used for note 4

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