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“OK Google” commands could soon be available offline on Google Now

Google Now

Apple’s Siri voice assistant can function independently of an internet connection, especially for native tasks like checking out contacts and making phone calls. But Google Now on Android lacks this capability. A new report tells us that this could be changed soon with Google looking to bring offline support for the “OK Google” command.

According to this revelation, the version 4.8 of Google for Android will bring support for this. The command can be used for functions like making phone calls and turning on Bluetooth, WiFi etc. So it should work for pretty much every native task that involves looking within the phone and not on the internet. You will still require an internet connection to look for something on Google, but it’s good to see that Google will bake in support for native tasks.

It is said that users will also have the ability to find a Google Cast card on Google Now and also control the brightness or volume via voice commands. This could be one of the biggest updates that the Google app has received in recent memory, so we’re certainly looking forward to it. What do you think?

Via: Android Police

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