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NVIDIA Shield console now gets Half Life 2, Never Alone and some other games

Half Life 2

Games like Half-Life 2, Half Life 2: Episode 2 will now be playable on the NVIDIA Shield console as well, thanks to the developers building support for Android TV at long last. Other games like Never Alone, Funk of Titans and Q:U:B:E: Developer’s Cut can also be downloadable for the Shield console right away.

The games are available from the Google Play Store directly, so you can navigate to the app on your Android TV console as usual and find them there. The Half Life 2 and Episode 2 titles in particular have a big impact on the fans and they’ll welcome the arrival of these games on the console.

NVIDIA’s Android TV console is one of the best Android TV offerings you can buy today and is even better than Google’s own Nexus Player, strictly from a hardware perspective. The availability of the GRID game streaming service helps NVIDIA’s case greatly as well. Head over to the links below to download these apps from the Play Store.

Source: Play Store – Half Life 2Q:U:B:E: Developer’s CutFunk of Titans, Never Alone

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