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Nexus 5 with a fingerprint scanner revealed by an official Google video

Nexus 5

The LG Nexus 5 is one of the most popular Nexus devices around. And we were a little disappointed when it was revealed that the handset had gone out of rotation from the Google Store (known as the Play Store back then). But now, a video from Google has revealed the existence of a Nexus 5 smartphone sporting a fingerprint scanner on the back.

This video is showcasing the features of the new Android Pay platform that was announced by Google last week and properly demonstrates how it works on a device with a fingerprint scanner, complete with the functioning of the UI. There are several other details offered in the video, right from APIs to actual functionality, so there’s a lot you can learn about Android Pay here.

It is possible that this is simply a demo unit created for Google and not an actual product that will be released, so it’s hard to take this report seriously at this point. But with that being said, it is more than likely that Google will unveil something like this later this year as part of the 2015 Nexus lineup. There has been talk that Google will unveil a 5.2 inch Nexus device and a large 5.7 inch Nexus flagship manufactured by LG and Huawei respectively.

Make sure you catch the video below to catch the device in action. The interesting part stars at 2:56.

Source: Google

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