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Microsoft Cortana could take a while to arrive on Android

Cortana Android

Microsoft’s Cortana virtual assistant isn’t exactly the best in the industry, but is a viable alternative to Google Now or Apple’s Siri. The Redmond giant however took us by surprise when they announced Cortana’s arrival on the Android platform, bringing all of its features to the table.

It is now being said that the scheduled arrival date of the Cortana app has been pushed further, meaning interested fans will have to wait slightly longer to get it working on their beloved Android smartphone. It is said that Microsoft will make the beta version of Cortana available sometime in July.

This comes after Microsoft originally promised to bring the app sometime by the end of June. Following the beta release in July, we can expect the commercial version to be available sometime after that. There could be a caveat for the functioning of Cortana on Android though, so don’t get your hopes up just yet.

It is said that Microsoft might require users to be running Windows 10 on their desktops if they want to use Cortana on Android. So essentially, Microsoft would want this to be a companion app for the desktop version of the app, which might be a trouble for a few users. It seems like Microsoft will make Cortana for Android available shortly after the Windows 10 OS goes commercial.

Would you like to try out Cortana on your Android smartphone?

Source: Windows Blog

Via: Pocketnow

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