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LG sets world record for most selfies taken with a phone using the LG G4


The LG G4 smartphone has been part of a new world record set in Mexico City by the company. The smartphone was used for a selfie relay chain, which essentially meant that users had to pass around the phone after taking a selfie of themselves. Over 2,500 users took part in this event and the smartphone managed to take 746 selfies before the record was called.

And the only reason they had to stop was because they apparently ran out of people, with the battery still going strong. The previous record was set in the U.S. and stood at 531 using the Samsung Galaxy A3 and the A5, so LG has beaten the record by a resounding margin.

LG G4 Selfie

This goes to show that the LG G4 can handle a bulk of selfies without losing much of its juice. It uses a power efficient Snapdragon 808 SoC, with the company deciding to go against the Snapdragon 810. It will be interesting to see how the LG G4 stacks up against power hungry tasks, although 746 selfies in a row is a commendable achievement for the Korean manufacturer.


Source: LG Newsroom

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